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As neither ever truly had a mom, I'm sure Sinead's tone of voice was foreign to Eve and Roarke. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

As neither ever truly had a mom, Im sure Sineads tone of voice was foreign to Eve and Roarke.  ~Laura

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Love this particular book that is very emotional for all. Especially Roarke finding out he actually does have family and how big it is and he's younger than he thought

I absolutely adore Sinead and am so happy she’s a part of Roarke and Eve’s lives

I love Sinead. She is wonderful with Roarke and Eve!

I love how Sinead embraced both Roarke and Eve!

I love Sinead and the fact that she stepped in to be a “surrogate mother “ for Roarke, rather like Mira has done for Eve.

Sinead had the perfect combination of love and a no nonsense personality to fit in beautifully with Roarke and Eve.

Loved Sinead. What a great character.

Love Sinead's comment and her welcoming of Roarke! He has a really nice family after all.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

One of my fave books in the series.❀️

Love the Irish family!

One of my favorites

Find myself re-reading this book. Still loving the book.

Love sinead she perfect for Roarke

Im loving these quotes from Portrait in Death. I've lent my copy to a friend i maaaay have gotten addicted to the series...going to have to wait for it to come back and re read it lol

I adore this book!! Re-read it at least once a year!

Love Roarke's irish family!

Sinead is great. Eve can accept her because she is down to earth.

I love that Sinead took Roarke into her heart and home, just as if he'd never been absent. It really puzzled Roarke for a bit that they'd simply accept him and not want or demand something in return.

While foreign..the mom tone is somehow imbedded into our dna. 🀣🀣🀣 the mix of love and “don’t make me get up!”

Eve had heard it once before, Mira gave her a hefty scolding in Survivor. But still, certainly not a familiar tone for either of them! I love that she’s not the least bit intimidated by a billionaire and a murder cop ❀️

I just heard this part in the audible book that I am listening to

God I love this book!!!!!❀️

One of my favorite JD Robb's....it is so full of love

πŸ₯°πŸ€— this book gives me all the feels. So happy on how that turned out for Roarke

And that's why they both love Sinead.

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JD Robb

Feeney cuts to the chase on what Eve should do about Roarke in Ireland. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

Feeney cuts to the chase on what Eve should do about Roarke in Ireland.  ~Laura

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I love how Feeney explains it to Eve and gets her going when she needs to.

Feeney cuts through the crap and gives it straight... which is something that Eve needs on occasion.

Eve is complicated, and doesn’t always understand herself, so it’s really great that Feeney, Mavis, and Roarke “get” her.

Another reason this book is such a powerful part of this series. Feeney often clarifies Eve's thinking. Even though the word is never spoken, both know their love for each other. So much of who Eve is is due to Feeney.

These books are my escape. On days when I cannot handle the world, Eve & Roarke take me away from it all. And Susan Ericksen's audio narration is wonderful! Susan & J.D. are the the best and they have saved my sanity many days.

As a father he understands how family behaves, Roarke just found out his is a loving one and understandably upset with himself that he hadn't looked sooner. Feeney knows Roarke needs the "stabilizing factor"of Eve.

Feeney is the father Eve should have had. This is the best advice he's ever given her. I also love the interaction between Mr. Mira and Eve. He melts her heart.

Sob. Sob. Sob. Heart wrenching. I can see his face in my mind when he realizes his 'Eve' has arrived. Love it

Loved this story, Feeney really has feelings for Eve. Love this about him.

Feeney and Eve’s relationship is one of my favorite parts of this series.

I love Eve's relationship with Feeney. He is her father in all but name. So glad she went.

Short, sweet and to the point advice from Eve’s surrogate father.....

One of my favorite In Death books..Eve going to Ireland to be with Roark. ❀️

Feeney is great. He is Eve’s father, but as he is a cop that has a successful marriage, he can give advice. It is great she has him in her corner.

I believe I have every book in this series. Love Roark and Eve!

Haven't read all the ID books, so far Portrait is a favorite. Roarke getting acquainted with family he didn't know about & Eve being there to support him.

I loved that he got it and told her so. He can be funny about the relationship "stuff," but not when it counts. <3 Feeney!

Loved this book! Roarke being so vulnerable and lost was powerful to read, and watching Eve stabilize him and show her protective side for him was heartwarming.

I just love this book. So many healthy shifts seen in Eve and Roarke's relationship.

Listening to this one now. X

This is one of the most memorable quotes in the series..

perfect answer, in terms Eve could understand

This quote was THE king of the hill for the Like Father, Like Daughter survey at the end of the Life - In Death book club meetings. There were some great Father/Daughter moments but none beat that.

Feeney is so straight forward

I now have to read this book again! 😁

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JD Robb

Another answer to a reader question from Nora Roberts and J. D. Robb. Enjoy! ~Laura

Nora Roberts and J. D. Robb
It's almost the weekend which means it is time for our next fan question!

This week's is from Linda Duckworth Koon who asked:

'What book has given you the most trouble plotting? Have you ever had to put a book aside for a few weeks until you 'figured' it out?
... See MoreSee Less

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You are just an amazing person. I love your books.

Thank you nora! I love all of your writing but i am obsessed with the in death series

Thank you for my badge I love this page and look forward to seeing it daily πŸ˜€♥️

Read all of the Death series! Love them! Just read your latest Under Currents!! Absolutely loved it!

And I’m so thankful NR keeps beating them into place and turning out these amazing stories. Hope she never stops.

When you think of the number of books Nora Roberts/JD Robb has written, it's amazing she still comes up with new plots. I'm fanatic about the ID books, currently re-reading Echoes in Death. The fact that regular readers can pick out the "echoes" the characters are experiencing from having read the previous books is amazing! The characters have evolved, grown over the course of the CD series, looking forward to book 50 in February 2020. As long as you're willing to 'wrestle', I'm willing to read!

All of your books are terrific!!

Just came back from a holiday in Edinburgh .The stories I heard I think we all capable of writing a book .Nora nobody can put pen to paper like You . If you ever need a story on my family you would have another best seller πŸ˜‰πŸ˜³β€οΈ

J D Robb is my favorite but enjoy the Nora Roberts books also.

Always look forward to your books. They are all different and the Death series are the best. To be honest the star series just wasn’t my cup of tea but I tried.

I loved your new book Under Currents highly recommend it. You really shaped the characters in this one I couldn't put the book down. πŸ“š

After listening to this I'm thoroughly convinced Eve is JD Robb/Nora Roberts. She doesn't give up or put it to the side. She's relentless in her writing. Eve is too! <3

Reading a JD Robb novel for the first time, Leverage in Death. I struggle with all the abbreviated words like vid, e, comp etc. the reader shouldn't have to try to figure out the meaning of words even though it is supposed to be written in the future. An initial reference to its meaning would be helpful. About ready to put the book down.

And we πŸ’• all your hard work. Thank you.

Listening to NR answering these questions is like attending a writing master class. 😍😍😍

I love you in death books. I got hooked the first time I read Eve and Roark's story naked in death.

I have always kind of pictured Eve looking like Nora

That’s right, you go beat the hell out of it! Love the books, got my hubby listening to the in death series on audio when we’re out and about! ♥️

You're the best. Thank you!

I love her attitude!

Thanks for sharing!! Obviously you have some Eve like tendencies when writing!! πŸ’š

Keep wrestling and beating them into shape, cause I love all your different series.

Love Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb!!! Especially the In Death Series!!! Have at least 25 -- 30!!! I read them over and over!!!

So glad you do.

of all the strong, female characters she has created, I wonder which shares more from her own personality.

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JD Robb

Happy Birthday JD! Share your birthday greetings in the comments. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

Happy Birthday JD! Share your birthday greetings in the comments. ~Laura

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Happy Birthday! Of all the books you write, my favourite is always the next one!

Happy Birthday! I'm reading one of your books now! You have an amazing talent!

Happy Birthday to one of my very favorite authors! You brighten our lives and make our days fun - thank you. Hope your birthday is the best! πŸ™‚

Happy birthday! Thank you for writing such wonderful books that quickly made you my favorite author. I can't wait to see your future projects.

Happy Birthday, Nora. I love your writing- in any format, and under any name!

Happy birthday to the lady I've spent so many delightful hours with, but will probably never meet! Have a wonderful day and a prolific year!

Happy Birthday Nora! I hope your coming year is filled with as much joy as your books have brought me!

Happy Birthday! I love your amazing J.D. Robb books. I have them all . I read them over and over in reading binges. Have a GREAT day!

Happy Birthday! My birthday is the same day! I just finished your newest book. Was awesome!!

Happy birthday πŸŽ‚ I have read the J D Robb series several times and enjoy just as much each time!

Happy birthday. Love your books. May you be spared for many more books to come.

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fantastic day. Your work over the years has brought hours of wonderful reading and enjoyment to me

Happy Birthday! I love you books so much and have preordered yet again in anticipation of the new one! Our B'days are close, mine was the 6th!

Happy birthday. You are so very talented and have a special kind of story telling. Thank you for sharing that talent with us.

Happy birthday! A special person I've never met has had such a wonderful effect on my life.

Happy Birthday!!! I love reading and rereading your books!! With your vivid descriptions, I always get sucked in!!

Happy Birthday to my favorite author! My favorite months are February and September!

Happy Birthday from Nashville! I loved Vendetta In Death..please don't ever stop writing Eve and Roarke! Wishes to you for a wonderful birthday!!

Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuu...And many morrrrrre! Sung in my very best Lucy Ricardo singing voice.

Happy Birthday! Have a fantastic day. I love the Eve Dallas books and eagerly await each new release. Your writing brings great joy to my life.

Happy birthday, Nora. You have provided me with over 25 years of romance, mystery, wonderful characters that grow and build. So I wish you a wonderful birthday and hope you have lots bc and lots of cake.

Happy Birthday JD Robb. Hope you have a wonderful day. Keep the Eve and Roadie coming. I can't get them fast enough. Have read everyone so far. This is an excellent series. xoxo

Happy birthday!! Hope you enjoy your special day!! I have read all the "In Death" series and have enjoyed them all!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent!!

Happy birthday! You are one of my favorite authors, and I absolutely love the In Death series! Thank you so much for all you do!

Happy Birthday Nora! I'm half way through Vendetta, and loving it. Your books just get better and better! thank you for the many hours of enjoyment you've given me.

1 week ago

JD Robb

If you're going to find a mother figure at 30, you can do no better than Sinead. At least for Roarke. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

If youre going to find a mother figure at 30, you can do no better than Sinead.  At least for Roarke.  ~Laura

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Oh my heart. I cried for Roarke (more than once).He certainly didn't expect to be welcomed into the family. Out of his depth for probably the first time in his life and his Aunt put his world to rights with a hug πŸ™‚ <3 xx

Sinead is so wonderful. My heart broke a little for Roarke expecting the worst.

I love this little speech of Sinead's. You learn everything you need to know about her, she's down to earth, honest, loving & can read people. Just love, love, love her!!! 😊

I so love her! His Aunt, and his family welcoming him! It's been good for him, and Eve.

You have her eyes,” she said quietly..... “Not the color, but the shape.” That meant so much to him. "She’d be happy you’re here, at last.” It always makes me cry..

I would LOVE, if just ONE person could be found, related to Eve....that could love her too. Maybe a half sibling somewhere, or a Grandmother of her pathetic mother, who did the best she could to guide her but could do nothing. Just one person would be good. <3

We tend to do this in a lot of things. What we know — or think we know — and have experienced makes us believe everything works that way. It doesn’t. Even though he wasn’t looking for a mother figure, it was great that he found Sinead. Just as Eve found Mira.

I adore Roarke and Sinead’s relationship. 😍

I cried through much of this book - tears for everyone involved

My favorite is in indulgence in death when they spend part of their holidays in Ireland and eve shows roarke the memorial park dedicated to his mother

It made me sad for past opportunities lost, and happy for love gained. And I guess that is Nora's gift. Thank you. You can never feel too much. It just has to be processed.

I was so happy for Roarke to have found family in Ireland.

Sineads love was just what Roarke needed. How wonderful that she was his mother’s twin. When he looked in her face he could see his mother.

Love Sinead. His Aunt and a mother figure. Love his Irish side of the family.

Just reread this book and enjoyed it very much. I shed quite a few tears and heart warming moments. I told my daughter (another JD Robb fan) this is a Dallas and Roarke love story amid all the murder and mayhem. Loved it.

For Roarke to have found out he had family is the ultimate. And to find out that what they feel for him, is the most awesome thing to have happen. I cried when Eve flew out to him, when he found them, and to meet in a field, is just beautiful. I love the family dynamic that he found and he was so surprised that he found them.

I loved his Aunt Sinead and the family he found; they loved him and accepted for who he was.

Yes! I love seeing the interaction between them. Yes I said seeing because how JD writes you can see the scene in your mind.

This whole scene made me cry. I too wish that Eve could find some decent family out there but I also know that she loves the family she made.

Sinead is so special, heartwarming, loving and so very glad to have Roarke in her life, not only bc of who he is himself, but bc he is her sister’s son, who she loved so dearly.

I can't say enough wonderful things about all the emotions and story lines you gave us and Roarke in this book. Well done!!

Love this book and the whole new Irish family πŸ˜„

Sinead is the perfect mother figure for Roarke especially since her twin is his real mom. The love just shines through on the family as the book goes on. ❀️❀️

Love the Irish contingent! Can't wait to read more about Brian and definitely young Shawn😊

Love these books love listening to the audio in bed before I fall asleep

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