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I picked three different parts of this scene before I settled on Eve's fierce satisfaction at seeing Roarke's fear of being present at the birth of Mavis and Leonardo's baby. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

I picked three different parts of this scene before I settled on Eves fierce satisfaction at seeing Roarkes fear of being present at the birth of Mavis and Leonardos baby.  ~Laura

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Eve's aversion to small humans is hilarious. I grew up in a huge family. As the eldest I started to care for babies about age 5. So when presented with a little one I simply melt. Eve's reactions are so fun because they are so different from my own.

One of my favorite times in all the books - Eve and Roarke at the baby class and the birth. I laugh until I cry every time I read it! And, that's why I always laugh when I read someone saying they need to have a baby of their own! 😂

I loved this so much. Roarke - normally calm, in control, in charge. To see him react to being present at the birth of Mavis’s child was a little bonus view into the man - something completely unexpected.

One of the great laughs was during the Prenatal class and also the birth of Mavis's baby. I love the laughs I get in these books.

My late wife would be reading in and start snickering and have the whole bed shaking, I would ask her what was so funny and she would read me a passage from one of j d Robb's and would both be laughing our fool heads off

This book has many parts that made you laugh but also cry.

I love that she calls him “Ace” ❤️

I have just read Apprentice again and the part with Bella's birthday Eve seems to be more comfortable with Bella over time even giving her a kiss and loved the comments about Bella's reaction to the present xxx

I love how vulnerable they are at the thought of dealing with this....and Bella is the cutest little character!

Absolutely the funniest book out of all fifty

I like when we get to see Roarkes reactions when out of his comfort zone. He's a mere mortal 😂 Eve wasn't too comfortable either 😂💓

I love these interplays about babies with Mavis/Eve/Roarke!

I lmao the way Eve and Roarke react to Bella's birth and how to hold her. It's fun to see both of the squirm!!!

Love Eve and Rourke. Read a lot of these books and love them.x

They both are Leery of Bella, but they do okay with the little munchkin ❤️

I love the whole Eve/Roarke fear of Mavis's birth. I especially love the conversation when they are at the birthing classes in Born in Death.

I love their reactions to babies. And how Mavis pushing them out of their comfort zones

I was just skimming that book yesterday. I'd love to see Eve hug Belle for a change, maybe put her head down on top of hers while Mavis and Roarke look on.

I could just see the expression on his face. Also I don’t think Eve was too excited either, babies scare her.

I'm curious as to why Eve and Roarke have never discussed birth control?

The birthing part of that book makes me laugh like nothing else. Sometimes I go get it off the shelf just to read that part! “My eyes!”

Love their fear of birth!

I can just imagine how Roarke 's face looked...thanks for the laugh Laura 🤣

I love the way Eve enjoys Roarke's reaction to Mavis delivery. Oh and when Mavis breastfeed. 🤣

I cry-laugh every time I read the birth scenes.

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JD Robb

I love Little Libraries with excellent taste. Spied Origin in Death as well as Nora's Valley of Silence on my walk today. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

I love Little Libraries with excellent taste. Spied Origin in Death as well as Noras Valley of Silence on my walk today. ~Laura

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Speaking of library’s I am trying to buy the book golden in death but when I go to purchase it and the turn the page bookstore website I don’t get an option to purchase it using a credit card. There’s no fields to fill-in. Am I missing something?

I’m glad to see people sharing but my Nora and JD books are the only ones I can’t seem to give away. I’m still re-reading them. Again lol

Great. My daughter has a little library and she does 1/2 children’s books and the other for adults. I’ve seen JD Robb in there a time or two. Donated by others and they don’t last long.

Little Librarys are a wonderful invention! I have a hard time giving/selling my book collection too. I'm older now, and probably don't have more than a couple of moves left, so rather than having to pack and move my library, I'm slowly moving all of them to my Kindle. First set completed, the In Death series. Working on getting the trilogies ( almost done) anxiously awaiting the Dragon series, and the stand alones. Just added Tony Hillerman and his daughter's set of Joe Leaphorn novels. And a lot more. . . I love READING!!!

For those great people making face masks maybe you could place some in the little libraries I thought of that while out for a walk yesterday. I would but sewing machine kaput and didnt get it in to get fixed. Just an idea.

All of the Little Libraries around where I live are only used for children's books so I thought it was like that everywhere. Evidently it's not. I wonder what would happen if I put in a few books for adults. Just not Nora's or ID books. I could never part with those🥰

We have several in my neighborhood with both children and adult books.

As each of Eve's new books come out I buy it. After I have read it I donate it to my library. Makes me feel good and gives me a reason for buying them.

don't touch it--don't touch it---all little libraries should have been removed because books can carry the Corona virus and there is great debate how long it can live on paper and how to clean books---coming from a librarian---

Awesome! I just finished reading Vengence in Death. On my like 4th or 5th reread of the series!

I've read a couple of Nora's books from one of these little libraries here in Iowa!! It was so exciting to find!

Too funny! I passed one on my walk the other day as well and was looking for a JD Robb book especially 😉

I parted with my whole collection of Harry Potter books and the twilight series but will never ever part with my In Death or any of the trilogy’s I have lol

I saw a JD Robb book in my routes tiny library box and was going to get it the next day and it was already gone. It had purple on the cover not sure the title but hopefully someone is enjoying it.

I’ve put almost all of the In Death books on my Kindle so I should think about donating some of my paperbacks.

That’s awesome wish they had those library around here

I love that the In Death series is so easy to pick out!!

Haven’t seen anything like that in our neighborhood.

Cute, but possibly unsafe right now until this is all over with. Take care!

I pick up duplicate copies all the time and give them to library book sales and dialysis places.

Love these..what a great idea!

Are you trying to order from Kindle app? I have to go directly to Amazon online on my phone. Will not let me ever purchase through the kindle app.

we had one in the neighbourhood but it got removed for some reason - it was well used and with the libraries and book stores being closed it is a shame it is gone

How can people bear to give them up?🤔🤔

I love these lil libraries!!:}

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JD Robb

I'd forgotten that just before the Italian message, Eve landed in a Fanta-Cee - a virtual garden of sexual pleasure. LOL Speaking of computers, how's your home unit holding up under the extra work/demands on internet during this stay home/stay healthy time? ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

Id forgotten that just before the Italian message, Eve landed in a Fanta-Cee - a virtual garden of sexual pleasure.  LOL Speaking of computers, hows your home unit holding up under the extra work/demands on internet during this stay home/stay healthy time?  ~Laura

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I’m still going to the hospitals 🏥 every day. I do my regular job 3 days a week, then I have patient days.

I don't get to stay home. I work in a group home for disabled people. But I am rereading the in death series. Currently reading divided in death

I am also a carer, so I do have to go out periodically, but so far so good. Stay safe and well all of you please. Thank you Laura for keeping us entertained during this mad mad world, I for one truly thank you. X

I don’t get to either pest control we r an essential service

Can't stay at home, I work in a hospital laboratory. Finally getting a chance to read 'Golden in Death', absolutely loving it! Wish I had another new one of your books to read to get me through this, but hey I can always start on one and read the whole set again.(it takes me about 2 months, that will hopefully get us through it!)

I don’t get to stay at home. I’m a nurses aide at a nursing home here in Ohio so I’m working more hours than normal. So far our place does not have it but it doesn’t mean we won’t have it soon.

I am still working since truckstops are a vital necessity. No computer problems yet. However my fitness tracker is not at all happy. With mandatory stay at home in my state unless I am driving to work or at work. I have not met my step or minutes goals 4 out of seven days. And those days at home in a small apartment don't generate many steps. It gave me a lot of disapproving sniffs on the weekly and daily reports. 🙂

I dont get to stay home my daughter and i both work in a supermarket so early to work and my other dayghter works in childcare. We all are in Sydney Australia. Stay health and safe i just love your books Nora. Im starting the Death series for the 4th time. Take care everyone

JD please write a short story to cheer us in hard times! I work in healthcare and we are not ok!!!

Unfortunately I can’t work from home. I’m a shift leader at a gas station. It’s times like these that I wish I could work from home.

I work as a caregiver at a residential care facility for the elderly, so no extra work for my computer. Actually online less these days.

I'm in health care in a facility that has covid 19 in it so it's all hands on deck for those of us left working 6 days a week so not on line that often

I am still working. I work for Mountaire and we sell chicken meat so a lot of demand.

Not reading much atm still working here in england support worker for 26 vulnerable adults with dementia doing extra sifts. But still managing my half an to get lost in eve an roarke b4 sleep my 4 time reading the seris stay safe everyone x

I work in a laboratory so it’s spotty even for us sometimes

Hi. I am working too. I deliver the mail. I know everyone is waiting on those checks.

I work for McDonald's and we are still working.

The internet is slow. Which makes my hubby crazy since he is working from home and on the computer all day.

Well I hope you're doing well. I am in book #35 delusions In death. Love the whole series. You could have actually been a detective. All well written. Stay. Safe.

I was using my laptop while sitting on the cough. I was lovingly attacked by three large golden retrievers. The laptop was plugged into the charger, fell on the floor and broke off the tip of the charger which is now stuck in the laptop. I'm down to less than 20% battery. The Golden Retrievers are really, really sorry.

I built my own computer, it holds up very well under any task I throw at it. My job doesn't lend well to work from home, but they have been accommodating me since my doctor sent me home. Immunocompromised and it was work from home or not at all.

I normally work from home, and work added to the capacity due to others working from home too, so I’m good., though have seen slow response times during two times of the day that seem to be consistent. My co-workers have noticed it to, so during those times we do not do things that can wait about an hour.

I am working from home and my work equipment is fine. Long shifts, I work for FEMA, trying our best to find sources of PPE and get it to the medical community. The JD Robb posts bring me respite from all this intensity! 💖💕

Working from home, my setup came home with me. The kid does most of his schoolwork videos on his phone. With 3 others in the house internet is taking a hit. But I am enjoying the extra reading time!

Bonnie and Carol, we are seriously keeping you in our thoughts. Be well, be careful, and please keep us posted. We really do appreciate what you are doing and worry about you constantly.

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JD Robb

When Celina called Eve out about her intuition, I agreed. (BTW at that point I still liked Celina). ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

When Celina called  Eve out about her intuition, I agreed. (BTW at that point I still liked Celina). ~Laura

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But if you didn't like her you would disagree? Not liking the person that said it doesn't change the veracity of a thing being said. Why on earth would you change your view on whether or not Dallas is sensitive based on whether or not you like someone who says she is/isn't?

Whether the reader liked Celina or not, she put one bit of truth on the table. Eve can digest it at her leisure, though doubtless Celina's comment didn't go very deep because (1) Eve resists the woo-woo whenever she can, and (2) Eve's spidey-senses were on at least mild alert. Celina should have listened to herself before she did for Annabelle.

I really didn't like this person at all. She tried so hard to mess with Eve's head. I think Eve does have certain senses as she is very intuitive

Celina had a gift but, she could have used it for good. She used it for self gratification and that is just a waste of a talent, gift.

Celina had a great ability but she went down the wrong path. Eve knew almost from the beginning there was something not quite right with her.

Like Celina or not, she's dead on in this case. Whatever Eve has that lets her see more than others do - it's definitely a gift!

I am positive that Eve is either a Empathic or a Sensitive, maybe some of both! I too liked Celina, but you don't use love as an excuse to kill!

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. I am sure that is what Eve focuses on when she first meets someone. The eyes are always described. Am not sure it is conscious on Eve's part. She was cool to Celine right from the start. Seemed more than her suspicions of the woo woo.

I forgot that part - that I actually did like her at first. I did not trust her but I was secretly hoping my first impression was wrong. I never understood why I didn’t except I am a skeptic at times.

Although she'd never admit it, Eve has a gift. <3 x

Eve will accept intuition - but that’s as far into the “woo woo” as she’ll go.

I’ve always wondered what would happen with the crystal ball that she indicated was going to be Eve’s.

Gosh it is lovely to open FB and come across an In Death musing - lightens the load ❤️

This was the only book that I picked the person I thought was guilty and read on to see if I was right. J D wrote so that the possibility was there.

What Eve is capable of is a true gift

Yeah. Didn’t see it coming at first. Great twist.

At this point I still liked her too.

I think that's true

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