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23 hours ago

JD Robb

Such a simple, yet complicated, request. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

Such a simple, yet complicated, request.  ~Laura

Comment on Facebook Such a simple, yet ...

Is that when Roarke asks if Eve has a photo of herself when she was younger. ❤️

and what a great piece of herself she gave him!

Roarke always believed that he and Eve were descend to be together. The meeting of two lost souls but he wanted her to give him something of hers from before they met. Love how they always mange to deal with the past and the present.

Eve has very little of her past with her but she had just what Roarke wanted. <3 x

Roarke loved the picture of her at the beginning of her career.

Roarke shows Eve everyday she is loved and always will be

I like how Eve struggles with gift giving and the need for it, but always comes up with just the right thing.

Rourke! Ahhh! Don’t you love him!

He always says the best thing

Just finished this book, rereading full series. Does everyone else just love the back stories of the characters more than the crime part 😂

It’s always a struggle for Eve to give a gift but it’s because she doesn’t give frivolous gifts she gives exactly what the person would want or need and they always know it came from her heart.

Loved how she gave him that. Eve with her long hair at the academy would have been a great photo

I felt the same way after my husband and I found one another.

So sweet.

He all ways know what to say to her Love how they are to each other ❤

Roarke always knows what to say to Eve what a connection they have with each other


I like to think that they were destined to meet. Two lost people needing ‘something permanent,’ or was written to be.

The gift of the picture was a beautiful moment for them

I told my husband he was lucky I didn't get any wishes as he would be an Irish man named Roarke😊 the dialogue between them seems so real. The only way you know Nora's writing is fiction is the fact she writes a non perfect, perfect person.

She didn't have much of herself to give, from before; I was glad she had that photo.


When he asked her for a picture. 🙂

The scene when she gives him that picture 🥰 it made shed a tear

I love the In Death books.

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2 days ago

JD Robb

Eve, always on the side of the victim, even as she sees herself as the perpetrator. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

Eve, always on the side of the victim, even as she sees herself as the perpetrator.  ~Laura

Comment on Facebook Eve, always on the ...

Looking back creates WHAT IFs that rarely helps ....

Always she blamed herself. Thank God the friends she doesn't realize she deserves bitch slap her back to the realization that she did what she could at the time.

I just finished this book. She had a lot of regrets in this book.

It is interesting that she (as we all do) torments herself about an action she didn’t take to help someone else, perhaps projecting how they maybe feel about her because of it. In reality, he probably doesn’t even think about the incident that brought him trouble years ago and maybe has a nice memory of being able to have brought that moment of joy to her. He certainly wouldn’t have put any of the blame on Eve.

She will learn to not blame herself near as often or as hard

She always takes so much blame on herself! I ache for her sometimes. <3

I’d have liked to see her looking for the boy, and finding him doing well

Hindsight is always 20/20 and sadly no one knows that better than Dallas.

My favorite writer as are the people in her books

wish the whole In Death books were made int a TV series

Maybe he'll cross paths with her again someday, even though she asked Roarke not to look for him.

Eve needs to stop blaming herself for everything that can and did go wrong in her childhood she needs to realize that she was a child herself

I like how Nora gives us little positive moments in Eve’s childhood It gives us an insights in how she takes responsibility whether it is justified or not

So poignant, I used to think R would look him up but it's important for some moments to stay loose like real life.

I always feel for her when she she feels so much for others.

Eve feels so much for others and she wondered where he might be. A young man who gave her a great moment in her young and terrible life.

I’m totally hooked on your books enjoy reading every book you have in print thanks Nora .

I am in the process of reading several of the books in the series that I have missed and am constantly reminded of how well crafted the writing is. The characters are so viable and the main relationships are constant. There is enough humor to keep the episodes from being too dark and negative. Keep Eve and company going. Thanks for the great stories.

Poor Eve she has so many bad memories of her life.

Ik I Just Read This One and I Can't Think of Who U R Talking About? This is The One About The Evil Foster Mom Who Gets Murdered..Just Got A Few More Of This Series From The Library and I'm Reading A Different Book Before I Dig Into The In Death Series....Love Them All!😍

Regrets plague all our lives.

Rereading now. Saw that quote yesterday. Good story.

I want to find out what happened to him in his life. I want Roarke to find him and see what he is up to.

Karen E Mason I would like to find out what happened to that boy too.

Poor Eve. She will never forget that ride on a skateboard. I bet Roarke found him (hopefully) and it might come up in another moment in the story

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4 days ago

JD Robb

Stay safe, stay well on this July 4. ~Nora & Laura ... See MoreSee Less

Stay safe, stay well on this July 4. ~Nora & Laura

Comment on Facebook Stay safe, stay well...

Same to both of you

Happy 4th to all across the water, from us in Australia

Happy 4th of July from South Africa

Happy 4th of July from Michigan!!!!

And you and yours

Happy 4th!!

Celebrate safely!

Happy 4th from across the pond

Happy 4th of July to you and yours!!! Enjoy.

Happy 4th!!

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July from Shreveport, Louisiana🇺🇸

Happy 4th from Chicago Heights,Illinois


You too!

Happy 4th to you and to all your loved ones!

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5 days ago

JD Robb

28 books (in our time)/approximately 16 months (in Eve's time) that horse is still alive and well. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

28 books (in our time)/approximately 16 months (in Eves time) that horse is still alive and well.  ~Laura

Comment on Facebook 28 books (in our ...

My favorite series!!

Love the I D series. Re read them many times. Eve has a great way of talking. 🤨

I love them so much, but It takes everytime sooooo long until new booksare available in german 😢

Love the In Death series.

That horse has nine lives

Love the interaction between Eve and Nadine

Great Series of books

Re-read the ID series every year waiting for the new book💜💜💜💜

I’m reading, Origin right now! Rereading up to the new one! I love these quotes!

Not only do I have all the “In Death” books, I’ve also listened to them all on Audible. Sometimes I forget and say “pocket link” or “vid” confusing people.

Now that I am in my eighties, I wonder why I made such a big thing of her contrived stories.....I have most of them on my kindle...

One of my favorite series!!!

16 months. That's actually mind boggling

Icove - the gift that keeps on giving.

Poor Eve - she’ll hate it but she’ll do it for Nadine.

Love their books

The timeline of the books confuzzles me up a bit, because I’m not exactly sure whether I should read them in chronological order or publishing order... but still... apparently that particular horse named Icove is still alive and well, much to Eve’s consternation.

Love you

Pure torture in Eve's point of view!

Eve hates talking about herself and her cases! "Why me"

I can’t wait for Nadine’s next book and vid to come out. That will really ramp up Eve’s anxiety. Lol. I love these characters. I am totally invested in each of their stories and I don’t mind the slow pace of the timeline. I hate a series that jumps years at a time. Thank you Nora for keeping us entertained.

Eve is always stressed out when she get singled out but since the Icove Murders she really get p----- when she goes to interview someone and they bring up the vid or book. She can't seem to get used to that at all, but that's our Eve. Love the series and Nora please keep us the excellent work. Love it.

Poor Eve... Icove will follow her forever

Wonder if one of her other cases will be a book and movie

Nadine is so sharp!

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6 days ago

JD Robb

Because Christmas is all about avoiding bodily harm from friends with gifts. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

Because Christmas is all about avoiding bodily harm from friends with gifts.  ~Laura

Comment on Facebook Because Christmas is...

That comment is *so* Eve! 😀

Tough love?!?

I'll have to remember this at Christmas! lol!

Awwww......their tickets to Scotland. Wow.


I absolutely love Eve Dallas. She is a fantastic character!!!

Such a great way tp cover up her embarrassment.

That is so Dallas!

I like it when Peabody looks at Eve... "you shopped."

For someone who doesn't do "shopping" she always manages to give the perfect gift <3 x

What an "Eve" way to give a gift

Love it. So Eve. ❤️

Tickets.... and so Eve

That was a really happy time for Peabody.

Loved how this lightened the mood and was so Eve & Peabody1 A great moment

Reading about Eve and shopping especially Christmas is always a treat. Each gift she gets shows how much she knows and understands her friends.

Loved this exchange. Hilarious!!

Eve is the best!!!

Love Eve and Peabody!

I love reading/watching Eve around the holidays.

She brings such joy with her gifts but it causes her such a headache.

I love the interaction between Eve and Peabody. And it is so Eve the way this gift was given, but it always fits.

Love the way Eve deals with emotions, just get it over with

Love this series!! ♥️♥️♥️

Love Eve's way of giving gifts to her friends and Roarke

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