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  • I so agree with how you are feeling AJ!  I am so tired of all the political stuff and worrying about if I happen to like a post that it will make someone mad.

    I have thought about deleting it but honestly I love the Criminal Case game on it and love playing it.  I also love seeing the pics of kids my friends post.  I also like checking the JD Ro…[Read more]

  • I used to have two Facebook accounts, one for political (It’s the one I have with a Batman picture), and I have another one for business. But the one with Batman was originally deactivated because it’s not good rapport to be political in business.

    In my opinion, I think Facebook would be better off restructuring itself to have limited political…[Read more]

  • So, some of you may have heard about this movement right now of people deleting their Facebook accounts, some of them because of the recent scandal with Cambridge Analytica.

    This is actually nothing new. People have been deleting their Facebook accounts for a few years now.

    The reason I bring it up is because I have, for a while now, been…[Read more]

  • So there’s a few YouTube channels I follow that specialize in collecting retro video games (PC, Nintendo, Sega etc.) and one channel I follow had some games that were licensed by Stephen King, Ellery Queen and Tom Clancy. So a thought ran to my mind, what if the In Death series had a video game series.

    The best example I could probably give is…[Read more]

  • It was announced last year, but is being phased in this year.


  • Without question he would have still become Roarke. He was driven. He had goals and was already on his way to meeting them. If anything, if Marlena had not died, he would have accomplished more sooner than he did. He never was going to be with her. Even if Summerset would have approved, and I’m not sure he would have, Roarke did not love her…[Read more]

  • Someone asked a question on Facebook today and I don’t know if it’s been touched on before: Do you think Roarke would be Roarke if Marlena had not died? Like would he still be witty, slick and everything else between?

    Personally I think he would but the process would be a little slower.

  • wont posted an update 7 months, 4 weeks ago

    I saw this story this morning. It’s about a new smart hotel room. Many of the features are voice controlled. This includes the “key” opening the door, the drapes, lights, TV and more. You can preset many things before you arrive, like temps, you can upload your own art (think family photos), and so much more. Of course security was discussed. This…[Read more]

  • Since it’s been kinda dead here these past few weeks, I wanted to start a topic that might be a little interesting. I’ve been in the middle of finishing my Ghost in the Shell/In Death Crossover Fanfic titled simply Death in the Shell. Originally I was going to put in some short scenes after my main crossover detailing what would happen if the…[Read more]

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