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18 hours ago

JD Robb

We meet another of Roarke's boyhood friends, Mick Connelly, in Betrayal. His reaction to Eve is suitably predictable. And charming. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

We meet another of Roarkes boyhood friends, Mick Connelly, in Betrayal. His reaction to Eve is suitably predictable. And charming. ~Laura


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"You never used to be quite so chummy with a badge." "I’m very chummy with this one. She’s my wife." "She needn’t bother dropping me. I’m dying of the shock." || Betrayal in Death

Love the back and forth of all the characters! And I always love Roarke’s mates reactions to him marrying ‘a bloody cop’ 💞😂

His one true thing

I loved Mick, but loved Eve's reaction to him more. Her response to Roark's comment about even though he was no friend of hers she still literally gave him the shirt off her back. That comment and Roark saying he found his one true thing he couldn't do without♡♡♡

Mick is so much fun! I love how he keeps telling Eve to leave Roarke and run away with him. 😆

Mick is a great character from Roarkes past, he was lucky to stay standing at his first meeting with Eve ;) x

I love Brian!!!

Eve and Roarke are in for a surprise with him.

Loved Mick! He was just so much fun. That ending... don’t want to say too much in case someone hasn’t read but fantastic drama!

It was nice that a characters from his past was a friend and that the friendship was still there.

They way all his old mates react to him and Eve is hilarious; but then she winds up winning everyone of them over in the end makes it even better an funnier!!🤣

I liked Mick. Loyal to the end.

It always amazed me that Roarke’s friends could accept he had changed, but some of Eve’s coworkers couldn’t. It would be easy to write that off as a byproduct of the job. Roarke might have the same attitude as Mick toward crime if he had stayed in the business.

Love Mick and his irreverent view of life and crime.

Love meeting Roarke's old friends!!!

Which book is where Roarke find his family?

That's ok, Brian is waiting in the wings 😅👍

I loved Mick so funny and spontaneous. Such a loyal friend to Roarke.

I really like Mick. He was a good character and showed loyalty.

Love the reaction ❤️

The interaction with Eve and Mick (and Brian) was so fun!

I loved him. So fun and carefree.

Always wonder a bit what Roarke would be like if he hadn't moved on from his mated

I loved Mick. He proved to be a very good friend to Roarke!

Roarke is always ready to brag about his cop...his love of his life...sigh...

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2 days ago

JD Robb

Feeney, on the same page with Eve about Peabody and McNab. ~laura ... See MoreSee Less

Feeney, on the same page with Eve about Peabody and McNab. ~laura


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“Don’t put this business in my brain. Isn’t it bad enough I know they're, you know, getting naked together?” || Betrayal in Death

I love Feeney. He reminds me of my mother. she had the ability to totally ignore what she didn't want to see, but was the most savy person I know. she was a Holocaust survivor and an extremely intelligent person. But she believed in the manners and mores she grew up with. She felt that good manners were the glue that kept civilization together. The older I get, the more sense she made. Treat every one with respect and dignity. Allow every one to have their say. Discuss differences without prior prejudices. Do not force your opinion on others. DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE BULLIED OR DISTRACTED FROM YOUR GOAL. Do not force force your opinion on others, but DO NOT LET OTHERS FORCE THEIR OPINIONS O. YOU. BE PREPARED TO FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN.

Feeney and Eve couldn't be more alike if they were blood kin. Love it.

Feeney- true father figure! Love him!!!❤️❤️

For two people who have seen it all, Feeney and Eve have a hard time actually talking about sex :D (with each other anyway ;) )x

Once you see it, you can't un-see it! LOL Feeney

Feeney & Eve definitely share the same point of view on Peabody & McNabb - “need to know basis” - no need to know! Love reading these characters. Deep into Celebrity In with more to come.

This is my Feeney, named for Eve's captain.

Love Feeney!! He s def Eves dad, he's just like her when it comes to Peabody and McNabb and he gets uncomfortable dressing up for occasions too. Feeney is such a funny guy!!

Feeney and Eve are so alike

Love Feeney and Eve's reactions.

Just finished Connections. Now gotta wait for new til September. So will start over again with Naked, and look for some of the ones I don't have yet.

Feeney is one of my favorite characters.

It's like thinking about your parents having sex. Just ick

Just starting connections today!! So psyched!!

I love how Eve's eye twitch everytime Peabody talk about their sex life 😂😂😂

You have got to love Feeney!

Feeney with the puppy dog face and rumpled suit cracks me up when they talk about Peabody and McNab getting it on...

The eye twitch!

I love Feeney...

Lmao. I love shebody and Mcnab

Oh Feeney...🙄

Love those two

Gotta LOVE Feeney❤

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2 days ago

JD Robb

Cover reveal time! Vendetta in Death (ID #49) is out September 3. You can pre-order at your favorite retailer:
Turn the Page: bit.ly/2TXvTde
B&N: bit.ly/2TVvCHW
Amazon: amzn.to/2TXjy94
IndieBound: bit.ly/2TT5aOV
BAM: bit.ly/2TXkA4W
iBooks: apple.co/2TVBcdb
Kindle: amzn.to/2TWK2rn
Nook: bit.ly/2TT5rBr
Kobo: bit.ly/2TVP07x
Google Play: bit.ly/2TWq28e
... See MoreSee Less


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I live my life in 6 month increments waiting for new In Death releases. Will you be doing any more hardback reprints on the early #s? I'm trying to complete my collection in all HB.

Super excited! Most book series are stale to my mind before they get to book 10. This series simply gets better as it marches on. 💖📚💖

Each time I finish an “In Death” book I think, oh this is the best one yet, and each time I’m proven wrong with the next one.

Can hardly wait. This is my favorite author.

So sorry to hear JD isn’t writing novellas anymore. They helped bridge the time while waiting for the next novel!

Yes she was first!! Not only that but J.D. predicted Smart Phones (PPC's)

I wait for the paperback edition, but always borrow from the library. I just checked out Connections late last night and got in 5 chapters before bed. Will be finishing it sometime today. :)

I don't want this year to pass quickly but hurry up September!!!!

Pff i am waiting for nummer 15 to be translated in Dutch.😑

Just finished Connections last night and ready for Vendetta.

Like the background music... Love the books..

I live in 6 month increments now waiting for my new JD Robb books whoop

Looking forward as always to the next book

Looks like another winner

Can't wait. September is too far away.

Just pre-ordered, yay!!!

OK, I've marked my calendar!

Yay ! Part of my birthday presents!

I can't wait!!! This will be fantastic!!

NICE....the 3rd of September is one of my favorite days! Another plus for that day.

While you are waiting, check out Ilona Andrew's (if you like fantasy)

I've marked it on my calendar!

Woo Hoo! Coming out the day after my 80th birthday. Presently reading Connections. Love it.

love the cover and can't wait

This is how I measure my present life.

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3 days ago

JD Robb

From the first chapter of Betrayal in Death. I don't see Eve ever changing her mind on this. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

From the first chapter of Betrayal in Death. I dont see Eve ever changing her mind on this. ~Laura


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She knew she was here not as a cop, but as the wife of Roarke. That meant mingling, rubbing shoulders. And the worst of human tortures in her estimation: small talk. || Betrayal in Death

I think someone should make a series of shows using JD ROBB books!!

I hate small talk, so I have few friends and usually stay at home with my books and crafts.

It's in the marriage rules!!

Shows she will do anything for her man. Love these two. Eve cracks me up when it comes to doing things like this. But she does what she has to do.

Anything JD Robb is on my shelf.

That’s Eve she is not a makeup person,what you seei is what she is. True love is doing for Roark and his business associates. True love.

In the long run, she loves Roarke and as he supports her, she supports him.

Not to mention kill me shoes and the worst. Makeup goop!

And this is why I love Eve.. I feel exactly the same way.

I thought that her worst torture was the spikey heels that she was forced to put on.

I love all the books.

I'm no good at small talk either :) x

I agree with Eve in this case. Parties and small talk.

Love the marriage rules and have quoted them to my hubby, lol

Just finished Betrayal! Another good one! Honestly there aren’t any bad one so ....

I have one complaint. Bought Of Blood and Bone. Already have it! Aarrgghh!

For me one of the things that interest me most is how them manage to mingle join coexist when their lifestyles were so so different

I’m right there with Eve, not able to small talk at all.

I think Eve considers high heels human torture also! I agree with her! Plus, she has to put up with Trina always putting goop on her hair or face! 🤣

I just LOVE Eve and Roarke

Eve loves Roarke she will do the marriage rules and be there for her man. Though she hates getting dressed up and socializing with people.

Rereading this one now.

I like went she called five hundred and seventy-eight million dollars worth of jewelry..art memorabilia ...junk.

I'm reading Festive in Death Again and Other's! Love Them All!!

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4 days ago

JD Robb

Yesterday we celebrated 10 years since Inn BoonsBoro opened it's doors to guests. Stephanie Duprey, a reporter from WDVM, stopped by to file a report. I captured this look at the Eve & Roarke room over her shoulder. You can see the story here: www.localdvm.com/news/maryland/the-inn-boonsboro-celebrates-a-decade-on-the-square/1790287354 ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

Yesterday we celebrated 10 years since Inn BoonsBoro opened its doors to guests.  Stephanie Duprey, a reporter from WDVM, stopped by to file a report.  I captured this look at the Eve & Roarke room over her shoulder.  You can see the story here: https://www.localdvm.com/news/maryland/the-inn-boonsboro-celebrates-a-decade-on-the-square/1790287354  ~Laura


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My goal is to stay in this room sometime soon ❤❤❤

Awesome!!! I have to go there—-but, sorry, that’s just not Eve and Roark’s room. They have their computers and walk in closets and the drying tube and......

Does anyone else feel like that was a fast 10 years??

It's very lovely, but somehow that's not how I've ever pictured their room in me head! LOL

I live in Northern N.J., and this summer I am going to take a ride to see the Inn. I have been a fan since the seventies when Nora was writing romances for Harlequin .

I love eve n Roarke, n nora Robert's, from UK, I've talked my fiance into going here for our honeymoon next year!! Me for this and to go ttp, and him to find bourbon lol

I had no idea this was a real place! I want to visit now.

Judy Clark this was where we were supposed to stay (before someone broke their leg). Looking forward to booking in here again in a couple of years.

I loved your new Eve and Roarke book. I didn't want to put it down. As always, excellent reading.

Hubby and I are staying there next month, in the Eve and Roark room, for our Anniversary

I want an Eve and Roarke tv series or movies so badly.

This is the room we are staying in for our ten year anniversary in April ❤❤❤

Bucket list!!! Someday - SOMEDAY I will be there :)

I stayed in this room :)

My husband and I stayed in this room and we loved it. I can't wait to stay again.

My Husband and I stayed in that room about six years ago for our Anniversary. Great Inn. We both read the JD Robb series books.

I'll have to add a stop there , hopefully soon

How far from Washington DC? There for a conference next Nov and would love to come

10 (TEN???) years?!?!?! How did that much time go by???

Love the BoonsBoro story.

So not the Eve and Roarke look I would expect.

Inn Boonsboro is definitely on my bucket list!

10 years..Time goes by fast...when your reading good books.

Ten years?? Amazing. I love the Inn Boonsboro trilogy! I remember reading about the “real” Inn when it opened. What an imaginative project! Congratulations!

I would love to stay there, but I don’t think I’ll be up that way I think it’s do cool that there really is an Inn

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