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  • Both Conspiracy and Brotherhood were difficult to read as the stories were really dark, had painful themes/plots, and stirred considerable controversy. They were definitely on my “Difficult to Reread” list. In fact I skipped over Conspiracy a time or two so that I would not have to revisit what I considered the politically safe road taken by…[Read more]

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  • So on the J.D. Robb Facebook page, they’ve been talking about Conspiracy in Death and they brought up the scene, that in my opinion, made it the most controversial book in the entire series. Now personally, I do consider it very controversial, because there is an undeniable divide on whether Whitney and Tibble were in the wrong to take Eve’s badge…[Read more]

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    Wish I’d remembered to bring my copies of the holiday books on disc. Thanks for mentioning it, Delia McNab. I do have many of the e-books with me, so I’ll have to look for the Thanksgiving and Christmas editions. Plenty of time to read since we have to restrict our outside time as the air quality is so bad right now and everyone here is feeling…[Read more]

  • Came to the San Francisco Bay Area to spend the holidays season with family. Couldn’t bring my entire audio JDR collection with me so trying to space out the four I cramed into my suitcase: Obssesion, Apprentice, Devoted and Secrets In Death. I am also trying to finish the series by Yuval Noah Harari (the new darling author of the techie…[Read more]

  • Does anyone else re-read or re-listen to Holiday and Memory once the Christmas season arrives? Just finished the audiobook for Holiday (Eve’s behavior toward Peabody still pissing me off) and will start Memory next time I’m in the car.

  • I ask because everytime I listen to his scenes, there’s always mention of him having his hair braided which made me think of the latter. But I’m certain we’ll get something more concrete down the road.

  • I don’t have anything to base this on other than Eve’s many observations of his physical appearance, but I would think Caucasian. She’s observed his hair color and eyes, and I think if he had African features, that would have been mentioned. But, there isn’t enough defining information to know for sure.

  • Question, I imagine Li Morris is of Asian descent, but I’m trying to figure out if he was either of Caucasian Descent or African Descent.

    P.S. I just got word this morning that Emza’s grandmother just passed away (as of 11/3/2018) so I’ll let her know in the future if you guys want to send some love to her.

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    Yep, sorry, it was broken. It should be fixed now. Sorry for the confusion.

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