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17 hours ago

JD Robb

Peabody's got a bit of a Mom voice in this exchange, doesn't she? ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

Peabodys got a bit of a Mom voice in this exchange, doesnt she? ~Laura

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“The vending machines around here hate me. They steal my credits and laugh in my face.” “You’ve had your vending privileges suspended again for kicking the equipment, haven’t you?” “I didn’t kick it, I punched it. And just get me the damn bar.” || Seduction in Death

I love the way the vending machines reduce Eve to being a 5 year old. So yes, Peabody did need to have her mom voice.

I hope one day we find out who's steeling Eve's chocolate. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

It's a daily struggle with our candy machine - err, I mean 'snack' - here at work. If you pay with bills, it eats them. If you use change, it has to be exact...The struggle is real!

Love her fights with inanimate objects. Cars computers vending machines

It seems Eve and that vending machine, will never see eye to eye. Poor Eve! That’s Peabody alright! Must be dying to burst out laughing, but afraid Eve just my use the taser on her. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I love these two they go perfect together for work. I really enjoy every book ,and finish reading the books to soon in like a day then I have to wait on a new one thanks for writing the books it helps makes my day go alot better God Bless

I enjoy when even a Roarke steps in and does the vending machine for Eve. (And he’s probably laughing inside)

Eve just isn’t good with tech.. or gala events...or people...or ???

This would so be me !. πŸ˜‚

Eve is so impatient, she makes me laugh.

Eve and technology just makes me smile πŸ™‚ x

Peabody has one of the best mom voices.

Those vending machines.... they make trouble every time

She obviously needs that Pepsi!


Electronic's and Eve will always be a hardship...it's like oil and water

Hysterical! She does have a mom voice!☘️

Love, the Mom voice.

Love the exchange between Eve and Peabody.

Love. Love. Love Peabody and Eves mini sagas. Such a joy to read

World could use more women like our Eva.

The interplay between Eve and Peabody gets me every time. πŸ™‚

Just a wee bit ☺️

2 days ago

JD Robb

Innuendo Monday mornings. We could make a thing of it. And then get pizza for lunch. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

Innuendo Monday mornings.  We could make a thing of it. And then get pizza for lunch.  ~Laura

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“Eat any good pizza lately?” “Maybe. Just a slice . . . or two.” “Ate the whole damn pie, didn’t you?” “It was really good pizza. I sort of, you know, missed the taste of it.” || Seduction in Death (In Death, Book 13)

Not today, but about 7-8yrs ago between Rome and Florence we stooped near Orvieto. Our coach stopped at a Regional Market that had a cafe adjoining it. Had the best pizza ever, Potato with Rosemary and I’m NOT vegetarian. It’s stuck in my mind all this time. 😊

Oh dear. I love pizza but it doesn't love me. Love the book tho and reread frequently

Pizza is a gift from the gods! The perfect food!!

Pizza and spaghetti are great but pancakes and syrup are my favorites because everyone says I use to much syrup too lol xx

Eve and her pizza cravings,and spaghetti and meatballs ,with really good coffee or a soft drink...it's like her holy grail...

I love Peabody!

Pizza is the best food!! πŸ•

Monical is my favorite pizza!!! I could eat it everyday!!

Eve loves her pizza.

and now I want pizza too

Met with a nutritionalist today, asked about pizza and she said 1 or 2 slices is ok. YAY

Manisha Tilwani

love Peabody and McNabb, especially when they were making up and finding each other

Pizza, spaghetti with meatballs and COFFEE - Eve’s personal top three.

Thank you for a series I love to come back to

made mine from scratch...Snuggle Bear and I ate the whole thing for Easter..

So glad Peabody and McNab got it together and are now a serious cohabitation couple!

I just eat a very good pizza πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Most guys I know can eat a pizza no problem.

A slice or two is never really enough is it? 😜

Love it! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Now I want pizza!!πŸ˜‚

I am binge reading, so backlogged!!!

Constantly wowed with the conversational gems Nora can come up with.

5 days ago

JD Robb

Eve and Peabody cross-talking, and each making their point. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

Eve and Peabody cross-talking, and each making their point. ~Laura

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Shit.” Eve pressed her fingers under her eye where a muscle began to tic wildly. “There it goes again. Why do you tell me this stuff? It makes me spasm.” “If we have pizza, we’re going to have sex. What does that mean?” “It’s more than a spasm. I think it’s an embolism. One of those brain bombs, and you have your finger twitching on the button.” || Seduction in Death (In Death, Book 13)

Love the way Eve and Roarke have grown towards and with each other through the years. I love them all❣️

Totally-absolutely- love these two!

Totally-absolutely- love these two!

Love these 2 together

Love their dynamic!

Love the dialogue between Eve & Peabody concerning McNab!

Love it when Peabody talks about McNabs butt

LMAO!!! Gotta love Peabody, Eve goes crazy when Peabody brings up sex!!

They are great together! I love it <3

Peabodys come along way to be able to go one on one with Eve. Eve’s learned to mix work and friendship in a way she didn’t know existed. Love watching her “family“ skills grow.

I adore Peabody...

Love those two when Peabody gets on a run?

Love this!

These scenes always make me laugh!!!!

The eye twitching - best literary description ever. It's hilarious every time. πŸ˜‚

I've always loved her reaction to sex. The only thing better is her reaction to Louise being with Charles!

Lol the early McNabb/Peabody days. Eve n Feeney's reactions were hilarious.

Love these two ❀️

What will we ever do if they stop the books!!!!!

These two are great together ❀️. I wonder if Peabody is the candy thief or maybe Feeney?

And suddenly I want pizza... πŸ˜‰

Their conversations are so crazy fun.

These two are hilarious together

LOL She REALLY does like Peabody and McNab together - she just can't envision them having sex together.

6 days ago

JD Robb

I can see the lip curl...~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

I can see the lip curl...~Laura

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“Did you say something? I’m just biding time, waiting to take my lovely wife home when she finishes work.” “Jeez. Okay, okay, sorry I jumped on you. I’m a little tense. Would you tell me, since you’re so brave and strong and smart, how you know this is the source?” “That would’ve sounded better if you hadn’t had your lip curled, but it’ll do. || Seduction in Death (In Death, Book 13)

The banter between Eve and Roarke is so wonderfully written...you can see Eve running her fingers thru her hair and Roarke thinking about getting her clothes off...thank you Nora

I so wish this book series would be made into a television series. A movie just wouldn’t be enough. I am on my first re-read of the year (reading #35 right now). I usually read the series twice a year. My favorite characters from my favorite author.

My favorite literary couple sometimes I think cause they are so bitchy

I wish they would reconsider the movie!!! Or a TV series!! I found a couple who just might be wonderful!

Eve and Roarke sure do make a great couple..rereading the series.. Born is next for me

These two are perfect for each other.

I remember the first time I picked up Naked in Death. And just like that I was hooked. Since then I think I have read the whole series from book #1 to the latest release at least 7 times. I hooked my brother on them. As a wedding gift 9 years ago, he gave me a signed copy of a JD Robb hard cover. It was my favorite gift!! Now I am re-reading the series again and purchasing them all for Kindle!! Heck..i have a special bookcase just for all of my In Death books!! Thank you for sharing your gift with us..for sharing your characters!!

Eve and Roarke...gotta love em❣️

I need a Roarke for so many reasons.

It just struck me, Dallas and Roarke are a little like a snarky Nora and Charles in "The Thin Man." No wonder I fell in love,

currently, I am reading Dark In Death 😁

Love the interaction between Eve and Roarke - especially when she's being moody and he's so patient!

I can just hear this in his voice as Susan Ericksen does it on the audiobooks. SHE IS AWESOME!!

Just keep getting better every book. They both finally realize they truly do trust each other.

I just love the banter between those two.

I see so many people talk about a tv show, and while I would love that, I suspect based on other book series into tv, that it would get messed up. I love the books too much to see them messed up, as much as I would love a tv series based on them.


Love this series and every continuing character. I can't believe it will be #50 in 2020.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


There should be one of these quotes on here every day. That would lift each person spirit each day.

Exactly. Your writing is "picture" perfect!!!!!!

They are so perfect for each other!! Love their banter with each other!

I’m rereading all of them again. When is the next one coming out and where in Death are we going lol xx

Oh those two. Perfect πŸ‘Œ together.

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