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Since we're brand new to this site, I thought I'd open this thread by transferring some info from the last one.  
You can download the first chapter of Come Sundown for Kindle here. It's a free preview.
Come Sundown Chapter One
And you can download the first chapter of Echoes in Death here, also free:
Echoes in Death Chapter One
These books are available for $1.99
Heart of the Sea (The Gallaghers of Ardmore, Book 3)
These are $2.99
Jewels of the Sun (The Gallaghers of Ardmore, Book 1)
Dance Upon the Air (Three Sisters Island Book 1)
Born in Fire (Book 1)
In From The Cold (Novella): The MacGregors
Home For Christmas (Novella)
All I Want For Christmas (Novella)
These are $4.99
Sullivan's Woman
Endings and Beginnings
Island of Flowers
A Matter of Choice
Of course, as soon as I buy "Heart of the Sea" for full price, it goes on sale. Sad
It's always that way. OR I'll buy the first book at the $1.99 and fall for the bait (even though I know that the seller intended for me to) and continue on until I have the entire series at full price. Damn Stanislaskis. lol
Even worse is when it's the second book that's on sale because I hate to start a series late, so I buy the first book at full price.
Some JD Robbs up for sale currently.  Note that these are novellas and two of them, Interlude and Midnight, are available as singles or in anthologies so don’t accidentally buy them more than once!
Anthologies for $4.99
The Lost (Missing in Death)
The Other Side (Possession in Death)
Three in Death (Interlude in Death, Midnight in Death and Haunted in Death)
Interlude in Death is available three ways:
$2.99 for the single novella
$4.99 in the Three in Death anthology with Midnight in Death and Haunted in Death
$4.99 in the Out of This World anthology with Laurell K. Hamilton's Magic Like Heat Across My Skin (Anita Blake story), Susan Krinard's Kinsman, and Maggie Shayne's Immortality.
Midnight in Death is available two ways
$2.99 for the single novella
$4.99 in the Three in Death anthology with Interlude in Death and Haunted in Death
Updated sales list:

 Taming Natasha (Stanislawski Family series, Book 1)
Holding the Dream (Dream Trilogy, Kate and Byron, Book 2)
Night Shift: Night Tales
When Detective Boyd Fletcher is assigned to protect radio DJ Cilla O’Roarke, he is surprised by the intense attraction he feels for his charge. Cilla keeps her vulnerability hidden behind an impenetrable wall, but when the threatening phone calls she’s receiving force her to rely on Boyd, she finds herself letting him into her heart.  
$4.99 pre-order for July 17
Mind Over Matter
 David Brady needs a star for his documentary on paranormal psychology. When he finds out theatrical agent A.J. Fields has a psychic for a client, he’s thrilled. However, A.J. is reluctant to let her client work with the smooth-talking producer who’s obviously a skeptic. David can tell that A.J.’s icy exterior is just a front. He’s determined to discover what secrets she’s hiding…but he might just find more than he bargained for!
Went ahead and bought "Night Shift." I haven't read that one in a while, so, that will be a fun trip into the past. I'd love to have "Night Shadow," but I'm not ready to buy the rest of the series at $6.99 per Kindle title. If those drop down another couple of dollars I might go for it.
The Obsession is on sale for $1.99.

Naked in Death is on sale for $1.99
Down the Rabbit Hole, featuring the story "Wonderment in Death," is on sale for $1.99
That is a great price for The Obsession! Thanks Carole. I would like to get The Collector and am hoping to see it in here some time!!
If I see it on sale, I'll be sure to let you know!
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