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  • ElectricOutcast on: September 7, 2017 at 12:54 am #1121

    I figure maybe have us a little fun and see if any of you could think of other media properties that could do well with the universe or if you want to get creatively crazy that’s fine too. Basically name anything (book, TV, movie ET. AL.) and make an ideal plot out of it.

    My ideal crossover for the In Death world would be none other than with Ghost in the Shell because of how closely related they are in terms of characters and timeline.

    Plot: Eve and Peabody investigate a murder that was allegedly caused by a corrupt droid, only to find out that the droid is shaped like an adult female but talks like an 8-year old girl whose frightened out of her wits. Eve, Peabody and Roarke come to find out that the droid was an implanted ghost and ultimately linked to a case of child disappearances in Japan being actively investigated by Motoko Kusanagi and her team of Section 9. Eve is reluctant to team with Motoko and Section 9 at first but quickly warms up to them because of the similarities between her and Motoko when it comes to being a cop. Eventually Motoko and Eve recover the missing children after finding out that they’d been kidnapped by a sex trafficking group called Anemone.

    So that’s my ideal crossover, would love to hear yours.

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