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  • ElectricOutcast on: March 27, 2018 at 1:30 am #2304

    Someone asked a question on Facebook today and I don’t know if it’s been touched on before: Do you think Roarke would be Roarke if Marlena had not died? Like would he still be witty, slick and everything else between?

    Personally I think he would but the process would be a little slower.

    wont on: March 27, 2018 at 2:20 am #2305

    Without question he would have still become Roarke. He was driven. He had goals and was already on his way to meeting them. If anything, if Marlena had not died, he would have accomplished more sooner than he did. He never was going to be with her. Even if Summerset would have approved, and I’m not sure he would have, Roarke did not love her except as a sister. I can believe her death, and the manner in which she died delayed him, he would have wanted to be there for Summerset, but only temporarily. I think the revenge he was surely plotting fueled his desire to get up and out. He would not be denied.

    wont on: March 30, 2018 at 3:22 pm #2316

    There really isn’t an answer to this question, just something else to ID-geek about.

    Have any of you ever thought about where Roarke lived before his current mansion? I’ve forgotten how long he’s been there, but I think it’s something like seven, eight or nine years. Which means he bought it, renovated and moved in at a very young age. I seem to remember something about his buying this property and doing extensive renovations which makes sense. It’s a very old house, and I doubt it had an indoor pool, gym and all the necessary electronic upgrades he wanted. Renovations on this scale could take a year or more. Then you have the endless furnishings to decide on and buy. Plus, all the improvements to the huge outdoors.

    Would he have lived in his hotel? The fanciest one of course. Did he own another property in NY? A house? A condo? Wherever he lived, if it wasn’t the hotel, it couldn’t have been on par with this house. This had to have been a huge step up.

    He’s so associated with this mansion, I’m just curious as to what came before it.

    One more thought. Wouldn’t you love to know his thoughts when he finally moved in? When he’s driving through the gates every day. He would have tangible evidence of what all he had accomplished. Such magnificent proof of him getting out of the Dublin slum and away from his father.

    Just thinking.

    ElectricOutcast on: March 30, 2018 at 8:43 pm #2317

    Likely scenario, he already had plenty of money to buy it and renovate it right around the time when Eve joined the academy. I think it probably had some early 2000’s furnishings but it got abandoned during the Urban Wars so it probably took some time for everything to be upgraded and while that was going on, was living in a high rise condo in the middle of the city that was more designed with the current apartment trends.

    But another theory I’ve been having and I’ve been thinking about putting in my own story, what if he had a fancy couch with a pull-out mattress or a bed similar to his secret office with the Unregistered and he just lived in his office while the building was worked at. (Personally I’d probably go nuts if I lived in my own office.)

    wont on: March 31, 2018 at 2:34 am #2319

    I think the high rise condo would fit. Or, as I suggested, living in one of his hotels. IMO, no way would he have lived in his office. If he was on a financial level to buy and renovate that mansion, he would never have settled for living in his office. No couch with a pull out mattress would have been good enough.

    Also, he probably had Summerset over by this time and he would have to have a place for him. The only question (for me), would be where Roarke lived. How many of his hotels did he have eight or nine years ago. His huge office building, did he have that nine years ago. I think not. He’s buying and selling real estate almost on a daily basis. So, it would be hard to  know. We never get to read any memories from him of the time before he lived in his mansion. At least not of his time in NY.

    I hope Nora goes back at some point and visits those memories.

    ElectricOutcast on: April 14, 2018 at 8:40 pm #2331

    General question: on average how many words are in a single In Death book? I know it’s normally twenty chapters but I don’t know if it’s 45,000 words or 60,000 words.

    AJ on: April 15, 2018 at 4:31 pm #2332

    Here’s an article that talks about average word count for books:


    For books of this genre, according to the article, the average is 80,000 words.

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