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  • wont on: August 10, 2018 at 12:40 am #2441

    Wasn’t that Lee Chang who almost caused that spat? Kyung is the one who isn’t an asshole, I believe.

    On the spat with Whitney, I think he might write her up for talking to him in such a way, if it happened again. Clearly he respects her, and even likes her, but, he’s not going to allow her to walk over him and disrespect him. He did give her a bit of leeway however. But, IMO, it would have to be much more than something she said for her to be in danger of being demoted. She’s pretty hard on herself, and if that happened, she may resign, or try and start over at a lower rank. I can’t see Whitney demoting her unless it was a major infraction. To just have a demerit on her record would be a huge deal to her.

    ElectricOutcast on: August 10, 2018 at 2:14 pm #2442

    Wasn’t that Lee Chang who almost caused that spat? Kyung is the one who isn’t an asshole, I believe.

    I just realized last second that I gotten the names wrong, I am so sorry. But I will say this, Kyung was definitely an improvement over Lee Chang, in my opinion, he was definitely the worst element of Purity.

    The reason why I asked the question about a potential spat is because I thought both Whitney and Tibble were having a hard time grasping the fact that Eve didn’t want to be a figurehead for the NYPSD.

    wont on: August 10, 2018 at 3:08 pm #2443

    You don’t need to apologize. We all make mistakes. It isn’t of consequence.

    Kyung was the only liaison from the NYPSD that Eve dealt with (in the books.) It was insinuated she dealt with others in the past that weren’t agreeable.

    Lee Chang was a smug little prick, but, IMO, he was a tepid element at best. There were so many others, in that vein, who rose to the top. Deputy Mayor Jenna Franks, Detective Dwier, Clarissa Price, and Donald Dukes. There were judges too. They all disregarded the law to feed their own beliefs. To my mind, Dukes was the worst. They all were bad, but his arrogant attitude and air of superiority put him at #1. I was so glad Eve brought him down.

    Delia McNab on: August 14, 2018 at 10:27 pm #2450

    I just finished another re-read of Holiday In Death and I am once again annoyed with how Eve confronted Peabody at the Christmas party. I found what Eve told Peabody and Charles to be well over the line and boorish but it was written in a way that the reader should find what was said to be a reasonable measure of concern from one friend to another. Eve walks away from it hurt. Peabody tells McNab that Eve screwed up but she screwed up more. Peabody apologizes to Eve. Really??

    Anyway, just needed to say that out loud somewhere. Cheers!

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