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    That could be either “Portrait in Death” where the killer was a photographer or “Divided in Death” where the victim was a sculptor.

  • AJ replied to the topic New Custom Search Engine in the forum Site Stuff 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Yep, sorry, it was broken. It should be fixed now. Sorry for the confusion.

  • AJ started the topic New Post Box Tool Bar in the forum Sandbox 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    I’ve installed a new post box tool bar to make some custom formatting of posts easier. For example, there is now a “Spoiler” button (shows as a black square in the tool box). Click the Spoiler button and you will see text like this:

    Replace the text {content} with your spoiler text. Then when you post, the spoiler will appear like this:

    Move…[Read more]

  • Not really, if we accept the premise that Mavis had the potential to be a good singer, but just never had the right training until she got a recording contract. If you research it, you will find that most vocal coaches will tell you that anyone can learn to sing, and with enough practice you can sound good. Does Mavis sound like Whitney Houston…[Read more]

  • Okay, I did figure out how to edit the main navigation. If there are any suggestions as to what should go in the main navigation, please let me know.

    The main page doesn’t look too bad on a phone…at least not on mine, but I guess I’ll have to look at other home pages to see if I feel like it could be better. My main goal for it was for people…[Read more]

  • You should be able to find the most popular pages here:


    As you would expect, pages for Eve, Peabody and Roarke are most popular. What I found most interesting was that the page for Injuries is up in the top 10. Followed by the pages for individual books.

    But anyway, that list is a…[Read more]

  • I actually do get notifications for each edit, but don’t worry about it. I’m just glad to have the help.

    I was looking at the drop downs just yesterday. I will have to figure out how to edit those. It might be something only the page owner can do. But, if you have suggestions as to the structure of the drop downs, let me know.

    Also, let me know…[Read more]

  • Catherine,

    Hey! You’ve been my recent Wiki editor! That’s awesome! Thanks so much for your help! I’m always glad to have help with the Wiki!

    I’m always kind of jealous when I hear someone talking about discovering this series for the first time and how they burn through the books with such pleasure! It reminds me of how I felt when I first…[Read more]

  • Nora has never been great with “pushback” of any kind, aggressive or not. On the one hand, I can’t blame her… I’m sure it’s not easy to hear negative comments on essentially a piece of art that you put so much of yourself into. On the other hand, she does know that not all of her books will be received well by everyone.

    It’s only natural that…[Read more]

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  • First of all, welcome back, Birdwoman! (@betsy-harvey-rogers)

    Finished this a few days ago, and not sure how I feel about it. I felt like it was very slow starting, and while it picked up about halfway through for me, I found myself getting distracted more easily with this book than with some others.

    Peabody being annoying: I guess…I love…[Read more]

  • Conspiracy is my favorite as well, so we have that in common!


    Not much to report on this except that I have been told that there is one fan fiction archive project ahead of ours, and that they are unsure how much longer before our “InDeath.net Fan Fiction Archive” will be ready. I will keep you all posted.


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    Sorry, guys…the countdown clock is late this time. Only 5 days left!!

  • I agree that Eve was doing a bit of shaming, but I don’t agree that she wasn’t thinking about Peabody while doing it. I think she was thinking of Peabody, and not wanting her to get hurt. Granted, yes, Eve shouldn’t have said what she said. But I’ve always seen Eve as someone who, even though she’s great at her job, and because of that job, has…[Read more]

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    First of all, Welcome! We’re always happy to have a new fan of this series!

    I think Nora uses “tag” to generally mean to get in contact with someone. That could mean either call or text or email…whatever they have available at the time and is fastest. Recently, Nora has been using “text” more…Eve will text Roarke, for example. But keep in…[Read more]

  • Well, Nora did say at one time that Roarke was at least partially modeled after Pierce Brosnan, so that you saw a little bit of Roarke in him would make sense.

  • Hey, Everyone!

    Another announcement: I have created a custom search engine that you can use to find the answer to just about any question you might have about the “In Death” series, but also about Nora Roberts books in general! You can find the search in the main menu under the heading “Get Answers.”

    This search engine searches not only this…[Read more]

  • Hey, Everyone!

    Just wanting to see if any of you have any suggestions of what I can do to improve the site, or make it easier to use, or what I can add to help you get more out of the site.

    Let me know!

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    Hey, Everybody!

    I have added a few new features to the forum recently, and one is the @ feature. Just like on any other social network, you can now @ another forum member in a post, and they will get an email telling them that you mentioned them in your post. This will hopefully help members stay engaged with the site.

    Here is the catch, though,…[Read more]

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