• This is my opinion only: I think the Murder book is how Eve organizes her investigation. I see this as something like a three-ring binder with official reports from all the detectives working with her on the case, all sweeper reports, any results from Morris, any outside information received, plus her ongoing notes that document her observations…[Read more]

  • OK, Mavis may have had a vocal coach. It’s still a very big jump from the screeching and other descriptions used in earlier books to singing at the Oscars and sounding “good.” And as big a deal as that was, I thought it was odd Mavis wasn’t screaming about it to Eve weeks before. Enough on that.

    EO, I don’t remember anyone suggesting Eve’s…[Read more]

  • First, a big congratulations to Nora! Leverage was #1 on the NYT Bestsellers list!

    Now, for more discussion on Leverage. It does seem like there should have been a way for the men with the bomb vests to have alerted police. I get the bad guys had him wired, but he could have written a note. OTH, I understand the bomb vest guy would have been…[Read more]

  • I’m starting my first reread, so I will be back, but I had to jump in and say I’m a major Peabody fan. The only Peabody thing I didn’t like was the goofy scene with the booster/expresso. I thought that was overdone. Especially with Whitney joining in. Otherwise, I liked everything she did. I’m glad she got to go to the Oscars and wear a Leonardo.…[Read more]

  • Check this out! The hologram is moving forward at quite a clip.

    This link is to a story on a hologram concert with Roy Orbison, who died  in December, 1988!

    They’re selling tickets. I’m sure this won’t be the last of this kind of thing, especially if it makes…[Read more]

  • Yes, it was border line boorish. But, I see that as standard Eve behavior. I do believe she was concerned for Peabody, and she wasn’t friends enough with Charles at this point to know he would not take advantage of Peabody. He definitely cared for her, but in a good friend way. Eve is blunt. The opposite of smooth. Peabody is the first partner…[Read more]

  • You don’t need to apologize. We all make mistakes. It isn’t of consequence.

    Kyung was the only liaison from the NYPSD that Eve dealt with (in the books.) It was insinuated she dealt with others in the past that weren’t agreeable.

    Lee Chang was a smug little prick, but, IMO, he was a tepid element at best. There were so many others, in that vein,…[Read more]

  • Wasn’t that Lee Chang who almost caused that spat? Kyung is the one who isn’t an asshole, I believe.

    On the spat with Whitney, I think he might write her up for talking to him in such a way, if it happened again. Clearly he respects her, and even likes her, but, he’s not going to allow her to walk over him and disrespect him. He did give her a…[Read more]

  • Not quite on par with the Auto Chef in the books, but certainly headed in that direction.



  • I can see it. Not physically so much, but the smoothness, the swagger, the attitude. He practically strolled into the house. The man who came to meet him after he entered the house couldn’t have been more different from Summerset, (younger and casually dressed) and, Brosnan stopped and looked at mail on the entry table. That seemed out of place to…[Read more]

  • Not really a question, I was watching The Thomas Crown Affair today. This is the newer one with Pierce Brosnan. I just watch for a few minutes. He stole a valuable painting from a museum. Put it right in his briefcase. He went home to his mansion, put it up and toasted it with a drink. Later, the female investigator, Rene Russo, found it. I didn’t…[Read more]

  • I saw this story on the news this morning, there are more and more “smart” items on the market. This was an entire house. Partnered with Amazon. Some of the voice controlled features were demonstrated, it made me think of all the things in Eve’s…[Read more]

  • wont posted an update 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    Thanks to a heads up from Debbi, we know the name of the first ID book of 2019. Connections In Death. You can even place pre-orders this early. What a deal!

  • I was semi-watching a movie last night, my husband had the remote, and I saw something, IMO, ID related. The movie was ‘Patriots Day.’ It was about the Boston Marathon bombing, with Mark Wahlberg as the star. When one of the two assailants was in the emergency room at the hospital, clearly critically injured, one of the police was trying to verify…[Read more]

  • The first chapter of Leverage was posted today. I really liked it. Possibly better than the last several books.


  • I just finished a reread of Dark ID. In the last few pages, Roarke and Eve are having pizza in her office at Central. Plus, Roarke gives her a Pepsi from her AC. She didn’t know her AC had Pepsi. She mentioned all the grief she gets from vending machines. Roarke was aware, and said that’s why she now had it in her AC. So…who stocks her AC? …[Read more]

  • I think the high rise condo would fit. Or, as I suggested, living in one of his hotels. IMO, no way would he have lived in his office. If he was on a financial level to buy and renovate that mansion, he would never have settled for living in his office. No couch with a pull out mattress would have been good enough.

    Also, he probably had Summerset…[Read more]

  • There really isn’t an answer to this question, just something else to ID-geek about.

    Have any of you ever thought about where Roarke lived before his current mansion? I’ve forgotten how long he’s been there, but I think it’s something like seven, eight or nine years. Which means he bought it, renovated and moved in at a very young age. I seem to…[Read more]

  • Without question he would have still become Roarke. He was driven. He had goals and was already on his way to meeting them. If anything, if Marlena had not died, he would have accomplished more sooner than he did. He never was going to be with her. Even if Summerset would have approved, and I’m not sure he would have, Roarke did not love her…[Read more]

  • wont posted an update 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    I saw this story this morning. It’s about a new smart hotel room. Many of the features are voice controlled. This includes the “key” opening the door, the drapes, lights, TV and more. You can preset many things before you arrive, like temps, you can upload your own art (think family photos), and so much more. Of course security was discussed. This…[Read more]

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