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Let's see if we can get this game going again.  Here's the first challenge.


Name two books where Eve identifies the UNSUB because of eyes.

I was buying a new e-book release by Jayne Ann Krentz, The Private Eye and I saw that a lot of her older books are available in e-books at what we call sale prices ($4.99 and below).  Jayne has posted on Facebook that there will be another book released in July but here's the list as of today.  I'm in trouble, I see some of my favorites that I don't have yet!

The Scargill Cove Case Files: An Arcane Society Story (A Penguin Special from Jove)

99 cents
Connecting Rooms
The Ties That Bind
Eclipse Bay
A Coral Kiss
Absolutely, Positively
Between the Lines
Crystal Flame
Dreams: Parts 1 and 2
Family Man
Gambler's Woman
Gift of Fire
Gift of Gold
Grand Passion
Hidden Talents
Midnight Jewels
Perfect Partners
Raven's Prey
Serpent in Paradise
Shield's Lady
Sweet Fortune
Sweet Starfire
The Private Eye
Trust Me
Wildest Hearts

Under Jayne Castle, there's one in the Harmony , a novella,  available for $2.99
Bridal Jitters

For Amanda Quick fans
Lie by Moonlight (Vanza Book 4)

I'm sorry that I've been away for so long.  I hope everyone is well and enjoying our favorite books!   Smile

St. Martin's Press is having an "In Death" Series Sweepstakes!

Quote:Enter for a chance to win the entire In Death series by 

New York Times bestselling author J.D. Robb!

Prizepack includes mass market editions of books 1-44 and an advanced reading copy of 

Secrets in Death, on sale September 5, 2017.

Fill out the form on their website to enter!

Entries are due before July 10.

The next book up for discussion is "Glory in Death." Here is a talking point, but feel free to comment about anything having to do with this book.

Though some say that Summerset liked Eve from the beginning, and just pretends to not like her, in "Glory," we see some of his true feelings about Eve when C.J. Morse calls Eve and lures her out by holding Nadine hostage. When Roarke comes home, he asks Summerset where Eve was. 

Quote:"She's Gone." 

"What do you mean she's gone? Gone where?

Because discussing the woman always put Summerset's back up, he lifted his shoulders. "I couldn't say, she simply ran out of the house, got into her vehicle, and drove off."

Later on in the series, Eve theorizes that Summerset dislikes her because she's not Marlena, and that's who Summerset really wanted Roarke to be with. However, if that were the only reason, he would have acted that way about any woman Roarke dated. So, it's a mix of things, maybe? Her lack of sophistication? Her being a cop?

What do you think about why Summerset had an instant dislike of Eve?

I couldn't find this thread, so I started here. Hope it's not a duplicate.

I saw this story on facial recognition on the news. I know that technology has been around in some form for a while, but it seems to be
evolving to what I sort of thought was in some of the books.


We're getting there.

As most of you know, the old "InDeath.net" site had a large archive of "In Death" fan fiction. You may also remember my post on why we no longer allow fan fiction to be posted on "InDeath.net," and are unlikely to allow it here also. Just as a reminder:

Quote:As you all know, in recent months, at the request of Nora Roberts herself, there has been a "crackdown" on our fan fiction rules. A few stories that did not strictly fit our fan fiction guidelines were deleted and the moderation team had tried to become better at enforcing the rules in order to try and keep the fan fiction going here.
Unfortunately, it seems that Nora does not feel that the rules posted are enough and that the moderation team has not done enough to enforce the rules that we have. Yesterday I got a PM from Laura, Nora's publicist, who passed on a note from Nora that stated in part:
Quote:While I've, with few exceptions, left the fanfic on your site alone, in the several months I've had to monitor. This, as you know, became necessary when stories having Eve or Roarke raped were put up. When stories that had nothing to do with the canon or completely disrespected and bastardized the characters were put up....You have guidelines in rules in place, but they simply aren't being enforced....This is extremely upsetting to me as the writer of the series, and as I've said before I must protect my characters and my work.
I simply don't have time to monitor the fanfic on indeath.net. I ask you, respectfully, to stop publishing it on the site. I'd hoped I wouldn't have to ask this, but I must, and you indicated if I ever asked, you would respect my wishes. I'm counting on that.
Nora is right, in that...I have said many times in the past that should she request it, I would shut the fan fiction section down. So, it is with this in mind that I have suspended all fan fiction posting here on indeath.net. Past stories will still be available, but no new stories will be permitted.
Since I've closed InDeath.net, I've been looking for a way to archive the existing fan fiction that was posted there. A few members have suggested I get in touch with https://archiveofourown.org/

Quote:(Archive of Our Own is) A fan-created, fan-run, non-profit, non-commercial archive for transformative fanworks, like fanfiction, fanart, fan videos, and podfic
So, I sent them an email and they answered back that they would love to help us archive our Fan Fiction! So I am in the process of archiving everything with them. In the meantime, I encourage you to check out their site if you are a fan of fan fiction.
I will let you all know when that archive is complete.

Just wondering if any of you have done an ancestor search with a DNA test on a site like Ancestry.com? If so, did you find anything interesting or unexpected?

I had my brother do one recently (I had him do it because I had read that there is more DNA information in the Male DNA), and while we didn't find anything unexpected, we did sort of fill in a hole in our family tree.

All families on my mothers side have been researched thoroughly, so we knew there would really be nothing new there. On my dad's side, his mother was an Addington, and you can't hardly swing a dead cat on Ancestry.com without finding an Addington it seems.

BUT, it was my paternal grandfather's family that was the mystery. My great-grandfather was Bert Ryan, and apparently, Bert had always told his children that his real father's last name was Harris, and that his real father was hung for being a horse thief, so Bert's mother went back to her family and assumed her maiden name of Ryan, and gave that name to Bert. We were pretty sure that most of that was a tall tale, except that we were pretty sure he was telling the truth about how his actual father's last name of Harris. But, there were no records at all for Bert before 1910 when, by that time, he was already married with a son. There were no birth records or even any census information before that date. Assuming he was correct, finding his real father's family would have been worse than finding a needle in a haystack.

Then my brother does the DNA test, and I send it in to Ancestry.com. Flash forward several months, and we now have a whole list of people in the Ancestry.com database that we match with. I was looking through the list there was one DNA match on there that seemed peculiar. They were fairly close...3rd or 4th cousins, but there were no names on their family tree that I recognized. EXCEPT...they had a whole line of Harris's.

If I traced their line back to where Bert's father would be, I found the Elijah L. Harris family in Lafayette Mississippi. I was pretty excited about this because I thought: this could be the Harris family that my great-grandfather came from! So I did a search for any of my matches with the last name of Harris. Several came up, and among those, several who all traced back to the Elijah Harris family in Lafayette Mississippi, and most notably, the ones who were the closest DNA match to us were decedents of Elijah's son Claiborne. 

At a certain point, when looking at the census data, I saw a link on the page that said: See others on this census page. I thought, Okay, let's see if I can find a Ryan family. I clicked the link and looked, and sure enough, there was a Ryan family living practically next door!

That's some good evidence, but I still don't have enough to fully convince me. So, I start looking for information on that Ryan family. I found a census from 1900 (my great-grandfather would have been 15 at that time) that listed who I believe are the same Ryans, and they were living in Gregg County, Texas at that time. The very interesting thing about this is that I knew that for a time Bert had lived in Texas, and when I did a little more digging, I was able to pull up his marriage license...issued in Gregg County, Texas.

Still not 100% confirmation, but I'm pretty convinced that this is the family that fills up the hole in my family tree. Since then I've only found more matches that link to them, so, a pretty good indication that I'm on the right track.

SO.... that's my story. Do any of you have one?

Just so that you all know that it's not just you...the themes are periodically changing.

This is because I'm trying to find a theme that is a good fit for the site, is fully compatible with Facebook logins, and is easy to use on mobile phones and tablets.

So, if the theme changes a few times before I settle on something, this is why.


I remember the first "In Death" book I read was "Witness," and, I will admit, my first impression was that Roarke was an ass. 

Of course, then I went and read the other books, and it didn't take long for me to see Roarke's appeal. 

So, I'm wondering what were your first impressions of the different characters when you read your first "In Death" Book, and did that change over time?