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As most of you know, the old "InDeath.net" site had a large archive of "In Death" fan fiction. You may also remember my post on why we no longer allow fan fiction to be posted on "InDeath.net," and are unlikely to allow it here also. Just as a reminder:

Quote:As you all know, in recent months, at the request of Nora Roberts herself, there has been a "crackdown" on our fan fiction rules. A few stories that did not strictly fit our fan fiction guidelines were deleted and the moderation team had tried to become better at enforcing the rules in order to try and keep the fan fiction going here.
Unfortunately, it seems that Nora does not feel that the rules posted are enough and that the moderation team has not done enough to enforce the rules that we have. Yesterday I got a PM from Laura, Nora's publicist, who passed on a note from Nora that stated in part:
Quote:While I've, with few exceptions, left the fanfic on your site alone, in the several months I've had to monitor. This, as you know, became necessary when stories having Eve or Roarke raped were put up. When stories that had nothing to do with the canon or completely disrespected and bastardized the characters were put up....You have guidelines in rules in place, but they simply aren't being enforced....This is extremely upsetting to me as the writer of the series, and as I've said before I must protect my characters and my work.
I simply don't have time to monitor the fanfic on indeath.net. I ask you, respectfully, to stop publishing it on the site. I'd hoped I wouldn't have to ask this, but I must, and you indicated if I ever asked, you would respect my wishes. I'm counting on that.
Nora is right, in that...I have said many times in the past that should she request it, I would shut the fan fiction section down. So, it is with this in mind that I have suspended all fan fiction posting here on indeath.net. Past stories will still be available, but no new stories will be permitted.
Since I've closed InDeath.net, I've been looking for a way to archive the existing fan fiction that was posted there. A few members have suggested I get in touch with https://archiveofourown.org/

Quote:(Archive of Our Own is) A fan-created, fan-run, non-profit, non-commercial archive for transformative fanworks, like fanfiction, fanart, fan videos, and podfic
So, I sent them an email and they answered back that they would love to help us archive our Fan Fiction! So I am in the process of archiving everything with them. In the meantime, I encourage you to check out their site if you are a fan of fan fiction.
I will let you all know when that archive is complete.

Just wondering if any of you have done an ancestor search with a DNA test on a site like Ancestry.com? If so, did you find anything interesting or unexpected?

I had my brother do one recently (I had him do it because I had read that there is more DNA information in the Male DNA), and while we didn't find anything unexpected, we did sort of fill in a hole in our family tree.

All families on my mothers side have been researched thoroughly, so we knew there would really be nothing new there. On my dad's side, his mother was an Addington, and you can't hardly swing a dead cat on Ancestry.com without finding an Addington it seems.

BUT, it was my paternal grandfather's family that was the mystery. My great-grandfather was Bert Ryan, and apparently, Bert had always told his children that his real father's last name was Harris, and that his real father was hung for being a horse thief, so Bert's mother went back to her family and assumed her maiden name of Ryan, and gave that name to Bert. We were pretty sure that most of that was a tall tale, except that we were pretty sure he was telling the truth about how his actual father's last name of Harris. But, there were no records at all for Bert before 1910 when, by that time, he was already married with a son. There were no birth records or even any census information before that date. Assuming he was correct, finding his real father's family would have been worse than finding a needle in a haystack.

Then my brother does the DNA test, and I send it in to Ancestry.com. Flash forward several months, and we now have a whole list of people in the Ancestry.com database that we match with. I was looking through the list there was one DNA match on there that seemed peculiar. They were fairly close...3rd or 4th cousins, but there were no names on their family tree that I recognized. EXCEPT...they had a whole line of Harris's.

If I traced their line back to where Bert's father would be, I found the Elijah L. Harris family in Lafayette Mississippi. I was pretty excited about this because I thought: this could be the Harris family that my great-grandfather came from! So I did a search for any of my matches with the last name of Harris. Several came up, and among those, several who all traced back to the Elijah Harris family in Lafayette Mississippi, and most notably, the ones who were the closest DNA match to us were decedents of Elijah's son Claiborne. 

At a certain point, when looking at the census data, I saw a link on the page that said: See others on this census page. I thought, Okay, let's see if I can find a Ryan family. I clicked the link and looked, and sure enough, there was a Ryan family living practically next door!

That's some good evidence, but I still don't have enough to fully convince me. So, I start looking for information on that Ryan family. I found a census from 1900 (my great-grandfather would have been 15 at that time) that listed who I believe are the same Ryans, and they were living in Gregg County, Texas at that time. The very interesting thing about this is that I knew that for a time Bert had lived in Texas, and when I did a little more digging, I was able to pull up his marriage license...issued in Gregg County, Texas.

Still not 100% confirmation, but I'm pretty convinced that this is the family that fills up the hole in my family tree. Since then I've only found more matches that link to them, so, a pretty good indication that I'm on the right track.

SO.... that's my story. Do any of you have one?

Just so that you all know that it's not just you...the themes are periodically changing.

This is because I'm trying to find a theme that is a good fit for the site, is fully compatible with Facebook logins, and is easy to use on mobile phones and tablets.

So, if the theme changes a few times before I settle on something, this is why.


I remember the first "In Death" book I read was "Witness," and, I will admit, my first impression was that Roarke was an ass. 

Of course, then I went and read the other books, and it didn't take long for me to see Roarke's appeal. 

So, I'm wondering what were your first impressions of the different characters when you read your first "In Death" Book, and did that change over time?

I'm wondering if many of the users of the old site haven't found us yet.  Does it make sense to redirect from InDeath.net to here (if you can even do that, AJ)?  Or maybe do a mass pm from the old site to the users (like chevy, Emza, Shayde, Shira, etc) who we've seen recently to let them know where we've gone?

Hey, Everyone!

So, I have not completely shut down the old site yet, and I'm wondering if there are any threads/discussions that you would all like to have me archive?

I'm going to be working on archiving all of the Anniversary Fan Fiction threads, but just wanted some opinions about other threads that should be archived. Once I've archived them all, I can see about putting a link to them all from this forum.


This list has been maintained by Debbi

Alice Clattery - Echoes
Alice Lingstrom - Ceremony
Alyce Williams (aka Lola Starr) - Naked

Alika Owusu, Sergeant, Republic of Zimbabwe PSD - Concealed 
Alika Straffo - Innocent

Angelini, Marco (David & Mirina) - Glory
Angelini, Lorenzo - Echoes

Arial Nurenski - Possession
Ariel Greenfeld – Creation

Ava Anders - Strangers
Ava Enderson - Devoted
Ava McCoy – Survivor

Bowers Institute - Rapture
Bowers, Ellen - Conspiracy

Brinkman, Lori - Echoes
Brinkleman, Sgt - Holiday

Carly Deen - Apprentice
Carlee MacKensie – Brotherhood
Carly Lansdowne - Witness
Carly Tween - Memory

Carmichael Smith - Imitation
Carmichael, Detective - multiple books
Carmichael, Uniform - multiple books

Cassandra, palmist – Ceremony
Cassandra, singer - Raputure
Cassandra, terrorist group - Loyalty

Cecily Anson - Brotherhood
Cecily Bolviar - Innocent
Cecily Towers - Glory

Chadwick Fitzhugh - Purity 
Chadwick, Roland - Fantasy

Clinton, Isaac P. - Survivor
Clin­ton Rosco Frye - Calculated

Clipper (the bagman) - Strangers
Clipper Pink - Strangers 
Clipper, Ben - New York to Dallas
Clipper, Ty - Promises
Clipperton, Jon - Concealed 

Darcia Angelo – Interlude 
Darcia Jordan – Taken 

Darla (store clerk) - Apprentice
Darla Hawthorne - Imitation

Darlene French - Betrayal 
Darleene Howe (Charles' client) - Naked
Darlie (Darlene) Fitzwilliams – Wonderment

Delilah Esterby - Echoes
Delilah, white panther cub - Calculated

DeWinter, Carmen – Creation 
DeWinter, Garnet – Concealed 

Donnie Ray Michael - Holiday
Donnie Shaddery - Apprentice

Dorchester, Janna  – Possession
Dorchester, Josephine  – Reunion
Dorchester, Steven  – Festive

Elisa Maplewood - Visions
Elissa Wyman - Apprentice

Felicity Kade - Divided
Felicity Lowenstien - Festive
Felicity Prinze – Festive
Felicity VanWitt - Indulgence

Fitzhugh, Chadwick  - Purity
Fitzhugh, S T - Rapture

Gerald DeBlass , Senator - Naked 
Gerald Stevenson - Portrait
Geraldi (investigation) - Treachery
Geraldi, MaryEllyn – Delusions
Jerald Reinhold – Thankless

Gia (Columbia student, no last name) - Kindred
Gia Gregg -  Wonderment
Gia Rossi - Creation
Thea Rossi - Obsession 
Gia Wentz – Kindred
Bria Fitzwilliams - Wonderment

Henry Boyle - Wonderment
Henry MacDermit - Taken
Henry Whipple - Apprentice

Jacie Carbo - Echoes
Jacie Wooten - Imitation
Jaycee York - Creation

Jack Whitney - all books
Jack O'Hara - Big Jack

Jacko Gonzales - Holiday
Jacko, caterer - Echoes

Jenny O'Leary - Betrayal
Jenny Markum - Apprentice
Genny Yung - Calculated

Jonah Rothstein - Apprentice
Jonah Talbot - Betrayal

Julianna Dunne - Reunion
Julianna Martinez - Judgment

Justin Summit (Catherine DeBlass' husband) - Naked
Justin Young - Immortal

Kevin (eventually deBlass) - Vengeance
Kevin Russo - Apprentice

Lannigan, Kevin and Maggie (staff at O'Hara's bar) – Visions
Lannigan, Sinead  - Portrait, and others

Larinda Mars - Glory
Lorinda Mercer - Echoes
Larinda Villi - Indulgence
Lorinda (salon client) – Festive

Li (Carmichael Smith's assistant) - Imitation 
Li Morris - multiple books

Liam Calhoun - Vengeance
Liam O'Dell - Apprentice
Liam Lannigan - Portrait and others

Lobar - Ceremony 
Lobar, sweeper - Immortal 

Lola (one of Trey Ziegler's clients)  – Festive
Lola Merrill – Kindred
Lola Starr - Naked
Lola Warfield - Born

Lo-Lo - Survivor
Flo-Lo - Obsession

Lori Nuccio - Thankless
Lori Brinkman - Echoes

Louise Dimatto - multiple books
Louise Kirski - Glory 

Luca - Obssession
Luca DiNozzo - Echoes

Magda Lane – Betrayal
Magda Laws - Salvation
Magdalena Cruz – Origin 
Magdalena Percell – Innocent 
Magdelina’s Symphony of Giving Life – Born
Marlena Kolchek – multiple books

Malloy, Anne - Loyalty
Malloy, Aidan - Echoes

Marianna Bingsley - Ceremony
Marianna Hawley - Holiday

Marta (lone female executive) – Festive
Marta (Rickers's smashed house droid)  - Judgment
Marta Beck - Apprentice
Marta Delroy - Kindred
Marta Dickenson - Calculated

Mason Riggs – Reunion
Mason Roundtree - Celebrity
Mason Tobias - Obsession

Mathias, Drew  - Rapture
Mathias, Robert  - Ceremony

Mignon (Lissette Foster's mother calls her this) - Innocent
Mignon (Elisa Mapelwood's dog) - Visions

Milo Easton – Calculated
Milo Horndecker - Seduction
Milo, Franklin J - New York to Dallas
Mylo (reception desk) - Brotherhood

Mirium Frido – Possession
Mirium Hopkins – Ceremony

Niles Gregg Carroll – Wonderment
Niles Renquist - Imitation

O'Hara, Jack - Big Jack, Remember When
O'Hara, Paul  - Reunion
O'Hara, Roarke (Patrick Roarke alias) - Divided
O'Hara, Rosie - Memory
O'Hara's bar – Visions

Powell, Joseph - Divided
Powell, Detective - Creation

Prinz, Karolea  - Indulgence
Prinz, Susann - Apprentice
Prinze, Felicity  – Festive

Reineke, Detective  – Kindred 
Renekee (chemi-dealer) - Vengeance
Renicki, Detective – Creation

Rowan, Michael - Vengeance
Rowan, James - Loyalty

Samantha Bennet, Georgie Castle's daughter – Naked
Samantha Gannon – Remember When

Sari (Sarafina) York - Creation
Sari Boyd – Thankless
Sarie Parker - Visions
Sarri (world's greatest aunt) – Devoted

Sinead Duggin - Vengeance
Sinead Lannigan - Portrait, and others

Snooks - Arena ball player in Divided
Snooks - sidewalk sleeper/victim in Conspiracy 

Spindler, Detective Robert, CPSD - Reunion
Spindler, Erin  - Conspiracy

Su, David - Indulgence
Su, Denny - Promises
Su, Lydia  - Brotherhood

Sylvester Moriarty - Indulgence
Sylvester Yost - Betrayal

Teasdale (Roarke employee pg 127) – Immortal
Teasdale, Miyu - Delusion

Tray Schuster - New York to Dallas
Trey Ziegler - Festive

Troy Trueheart - multiple books
Troy, Richard - multiple books

Vince Yancy, Detective - multiple books
Vince Lane - Betrayal

WIN Group – Calculated
Winfield (Win) Chase - Born
Winston (Winnie) Dudley - Indulgence

Yancy, a division of Roarke Industries (Yancy owns Kytell which makes rope) - Midnight
Yancy, Detective Vince - multiple books

Yost Colony (Max Ricker has a home there) - Judgment
Yost, Callie - Innocent 
Yost, Sylvester - Betrayal  

Zach, kitchen staff - Echoes
Zach Stuben - Apprentice

Some of you weren't real wild about the idea of the In Death series being an animated movie or an anime for that matter, but the universe itself just strikes me as something too complicated to pull off, even after we got a live action version of Ghost in the Shell. So I figure compromise and maybe put in my ideal cast for an animated movie.

Eve Dallas: Tara Strong, Karen Novak, Erin Fitzgerald, Mary Elizabeth McGwinn

Roarke: Aidan Turner, Kevin Conroy, David Hayter, Dominic West, Pierce Brosnan

Ryan Feeney: Richard Epcar, Ted Danson, Troy Baker

Delia Peabody: Cristina Valenzuela, Laura Bailey, Amanda Winn Lee

Ian McNabb: Johnny Yong Bosch, Matt Hill, Samuel Vincent, Brad Swaile

Charlotte Mira: Michelle Ruff, Ming-Na, Trisha Yearwood, Coleen Delaney, Shelley Long

Dennis Mira: Kenny Rogers, Terence Aselford, Todd Scofield, Garth Brooks

Jack Whitney: Crispin Freeman, Dave Wittenberg, Dan Woren

Henry Tibble: Eamonn Walker, Carl Weathers

Nadine Furst: Susan Erickson, Debra Messing

Li Morris: Phil LaMarr, Steven Blum, Taylor Kinney

Mavis: Rachel MacFarland, Jessica Straus, Cristina Valenzuela

Leonardo: Rob Paulson, Richard Rohan

So, I thought what I would do is start discussion threads for the books one by one starting with "Naked in Death."

You can really discuss anything about the book, but here's a question to start things off:

In "Naked..." Roarke breaks into Eve's apartment. Did he cross a line?  

Okay, So here's my pick current for Roarke: Aidan Turner

Pros: He's currently the correct age, and he's actually Irish from outside of Dublin.

Cons: He's a tad too short at 5' 11", and he has brown/hazel eyes.


But he's pretty darned gorgeous, so, I'm willing to overlook his flaws.  Thumbup

Here's my rendition of him as Roarke:


So that you can hear the accent, here he is talking about his role in the BBC production of Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None."