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Hugh Jackman - Carole - 06-10-2017

Ok, I'll start off.  Yes, I know he's older, aren't we all, but as this is total fantasy, I still think Hugh would be a fabulous Roarke.




RE: Hugh Jackman - AJ - 06-10-2017

Agreed. I've been a long time Hugh-for-Roarke-er

RE: Hugh Jackman - pwazz1 - 06-10-2017

Mmmmmm! Oh, yes!

RE: Hugh Jackman - Debbi - 06-10-2017

Hugh's always got my vote!

RE: Hugh Jackman - jen.terpstra - 07-13-2017


RE: Hugh Jackman - Palomira - 10-14-2017

As I obliquely referred in another thread, the young ones may come along, but Hugh (especially at 35) will always be my #1 Roarke. Taking a tour of some of his early romantic roles is a treat I enjoy. There's a twinkle in his eyes that I'm sure Roarke would be very comfortable with.

RE: Hugh Jackman - wont - 10-14-2017

Sorry, just can't get there. I've never thought he was very handsome. Especially not Roarke level.

RE: Hugh Jackman - Debbi - 10-20-2017

[Image: aVqK3x8_460s.jpg]

RE: Hugh Jackman - wont - 10-21-2017

Just not my cup-of-tea.

RE: Hugh Jackman - Palomira - 10-21-2017

That's OK, wont. I'm happy to fill my cup with this boy anytime. Many of the other hunks just don't have that sparkle in the eye that he does. Since time moves on and he's no longer 35, I understand the hunt for young meat, but he had the long, lean body and the graceful moves. He cleans up really well too!!! Piercing blue eyes we can always add and he can do any accent. He has a great ear, among other things.