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Seeking certain NR book - ElectricOutcast - 08-25-2017

Lately I've been having an affinity for May-December romance books, mostly where there's a younger female and an older male and I distinctly remember one of you guys mentioning that Nora wrote one early in her career and I was interested in looking at it.

If any of you remember the title of the book I'd greatly appreciate it.

RE: Seeking certain NR book - IDFAN - 08-28-2017

I don't recall any Nora's of that nature and I think I've read them all, but I could be mistaken.

RE: Seeking certain NR book - AJ - 09-07-2017

One of her really early books was something like that, but I can't recall which one. Maybe "Her Mother's Keeper," but I can't be sure.