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Captain of Homicide - Lonz1979 - 09-13-2017

Who is the Captain of the homicide division? I know Eve reports to Whitney

RE: Captain of Homicide - Debbi - 09-14-2017

There is no Captain in Homicide (until Eve accepts the promotion, I guess).
Apparently all divisions are not managed the same way. Seems like Illegals doesn't necessarily have Captains either. And I'm not sure EDD has a Lieutenant.

RE: Captain of Homicide - Palomira - 09-14-2017

When Feeney was sick as a dog, the next in line to run EDD was a Sgt. Some of the illegals departments were run by Captains (Judgement and Kindred) and some by Lieutenants (Treachery). I, for one, am certainly not ready for Eve to sit at a desk most of the time. On the oher hand, is she stunting the growth of the detectives and officers under her by refusing her own upgrade?