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Games Rules! PLEASE READ!!
Please be advised, this forum Will Contain Spoilers!!
The rules are simple...
You must be a REGISTERED USER to play this game!
Post a trivia question from any In Death book or story that has been available in paperback for at least three months.
Please see pinned topic "Available Books" for the books that can be used.
The others have to guess which book it's from. To keep it fair, you'd have to post the title AND page number of the book OR the title and a complete description of the scene (see below). Once you are confirmed as the winner, you get to post the next trivia question.
The Nitty-Gritty Rules of the Trivia Challenge:
  • a trivia question must be identified within three days or a new trivia question will be posted by the same person
    • If there are no answers to a trivia question within 24 hours, you have to elaborate the trivia question, or give a hint.
    • You are allowed to give as many hints or add as much to the trivia question as necessary within the next 24 hours until someone guesses the trivia question or until the three-day limit expires and a new trivia question must be posted.
    • After three days, After three days, the member who posted the question or a moderator will declare the question "open," and at that time, ANYONE (including those ineligible) can identify the trivia question and win that round.
  • a new trivia question must be posted within three days by the person who identified the previous trivia question, and if not, the person who posted the last trivia question posts again
  • You must wait TWO turns to play again after you win, UNLESS a trivia question has been unidentified in three days, after that, it's up for grabs by anyone.
  • Books available only in hardcover cannot be used.
  • Once a hardcover title is released in paperback, you must wait three months before using a trivia question from that book. All dates refer to US release dates.
Please remember that using a search feature to find the answer...either on the forum, in other trivia question challenges, on the Wiki, on the web or in an electronic book is really not fair. Please do not find the answer this way.

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