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In Death Fan Fiction
As most of you know, the old "" site had a large archive of "In Death" fan fiction. You may also remember my post on why we no longer allow fan fiction to be posted on "," and are unlikely to allow it here also. Just as a reminder:

Quote:As you all know, in recent months, at the request of Nora Roberts herself, there has been a "crackdown" on our fan fiction rules. A few stories that did not strictly fit our fan fiction guidelines were deleted and the moderation team had tried to become better at enforcing the rules in order to try and keep the fan fiction going here.
Unfortunately, it seems that Nora does not feel that the rules posted are enough and that the moderation team has not done enough to enforce the rules that we have. Yesterday I got a PM from Laura, Nora's publicist, who passed on a note from Nora that stated in part:
Quote:While I've, with few exceptions, left the fanfic on your site alone, in the several months I've had to monitor. This, as you know, became necessary when stories having Eve or Roarke raped were put up. When stories that had nothing to do with the canon or completely disrespected and bastardized the characters were put up....You have guidelines in rules in place, but they simply aren't being enforced....This is extremely upsetting to me as the writer of the series, and as I've said before I must protect my characters and my work.
I simply don't have time to monitor the fanfic on I ask you, respectfully, to stop publishing it on the site. I'd hoped I wouldn't have to ask this, but I must, and you indicated if I ever asked, you would respect my wishes. I'm counting on that.
Nora is right, in that...I have said many times in the past that should she request it, I would shut the fan fiction section down. So, it is with this in mind that I have suspended all fan fiction posting here on Past stories will still be available, but no new stories will be permitted.
Since I've closed, I've been looking for a way to archive the existing fan fiction that was posted there. A few members have suggested I get in touch with

Quote:(Archive of Our Own is) A fan-created, fan-run, non-profit, non-commercial archive for transformative fanworks, like fanfiction, fanart, fan videos, and podfic
So, I sent them an email and they answered back that they would love to help us archive our Fan Fiction! So I am in the process of archiving everything with them. In the meantime, I encourage you to check out their site if you are a fan of fan fiction.
I will let you all know when that archive is complete.

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Looking forward to it and it's very much appreciated.
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Oh my! While I'm sad to see Nora had to make that request, I completely agree. And I'm VERY relieved the previous fanfics will be archived on AO3. I don't have copies of the stories I've written anymore.
Eve_kicks_ass Roarkerules
By the way, if anyone DOES NOT want their fan fiction archived, please let me know.


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:cry: :cry: Very sad to see the ban, but understand -- one FF writer spoiled it for everybody.  Look forward to seeing the archives when they're available.

Archive of Our Own has officially started working on importing the "" fan fiction! They will be making an official announcement about this on their site on December 4th.



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