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Politics and Religion on the Forum
Because this is a new forum, I want to make sure I bring over some of the rules from the old forum to here, namely, the rule that discussions about Politics and Religion are strictly forbidden here.

I know most of you are already familiar with this rule on, but if you are not, please know that I have this rule here to preserve forum harmony, and so far, it has worked pretty well.

There are many places on the internet, including Facebook, where you can discuss those things with others. I would like this forum, like the last forum, to be Politics and Religion free.

Thank You for Understanding.


[Image: aidanturnerwindow.jpg]
Honestly it's nice to have at least one place to go where these topics are not being discussed and debated.
It's also nice to be somewhere without religion and politics, and where people generally speak in complete words (not text-speak) and proof-read what they write. I'm about ready to give up on the internet because the spelling and grammar are making me rather nutty.
Yay, I'm really quite sick of POLITICS everywhere you look. Nice to be in a stress free zone! Smile

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