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We Just Got a New Fan!
LOL! Yeah, as I said, sometimes we over obsess about details. Obviously none of those really matter as far as this review goes for me, since I didn't even catch them. This thread is really about the spirit of the review and the joy of a new reader to the series discovering it for the first time. I can cut that person some slack in the details department since this book made her a fan, and she's clearly thrilled with the discovery, and I'm thrilled for her.

I stand by my original post that this is a fantastic review and I highly recommend it. Personally, I'd love for her to do an entire series of reviews of each book as she reads them. That would be hilarious.

[Image: aidanturnerwindow.jpg]
I agree AJ - just hilarious - much needed these days!

"The greatness of a nation can be determined by the way its animals are treated" - Mahatma Gandhi

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