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Stars of Fortune trilogy
I read the first book in this trilogy when it was published, and I wasn't thrilled so I didn't continue.  But I recently reactivated my library card so I put myself on the hold list for the other two and I got Bay of Sighs, book two, fairly quickly.  I had to re-read the first book, Stars of Fortune, again first and I still wasn't thrilled to bits.  Too many battle scenes, which is what I didn't like about both the Circle trilogy (the vampires) and the O'Dwyers trilogy.  But I'm liking the other bits so I just skim the battle scenes.
“Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.”
I've read all three books, and liked the second and third better than the first. Stars of Fortune felt like it assumed I knew what the hell was going on, and I just didn't. It took me an embarrassingly long time to catch up to a point where I understood what was happening, or more, why it was happening.

I don't mind fighting so much, but it irks me to have to claw my way around to some semblance of basic understanding.
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I find myself obsessed with Annike.  Where do the mer-people live?  Do they have some time of city, houses, or do they just kind of constantly roam the waters?  What does she eat?  On land, she seems to eat whatever everyone else does, though I notice that none of the meals mentioned have included fish.  How do they mate?  How do they talk?  She says they can talk but is it underwater?  How do they do that?  Unfortunately since I've now finished the second book with no answers, and we're on to Riley and Doyle in the third, I guess I won't get my answers.
“Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.”
I was the same way with Annika. Actually I loved this series because of the uniqueness of the characters. I liked finding out each character's story and what they were. I really liked Sawyer in this trilogy. I play a game where you find hidden objects and one of them is a pocket watch and I smile and think about Sawyer each time I see one. I liked how they all became like a family. This one had elements of the Key Trilogy and I loved that one too. Carole, I hope you like Riley and Doyle's story.
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I think what I like best so far is the relationship between Sawyer and Riley. As Sasha puts it, in a previous life, they were brother and sister. I don't think there's another Nora where characters who aren't in a romantic relationship have that kind of male/female friendship. Yes, everyone gets along with the others but no one has the kind of teasing and play-fighting that Sawyer and Riley do.
“Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.”
I too enjoyed this trilogy. It was a bit difficult to get into, but it was worth the effort. Definitely some unique characters in this one and I did like the way it all came together in the end.

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