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Boxers or Briefs!
I can't remember what book it was, but the question was raised I think between Eve and Nadine (Roarke was present) and it was whether Roarke wore boxers or briefs and Roarke just shook his head in declining to answer and of course Eve wouldn't.

We find out in Secrets which one!

I don't know how to insert a block/spoiler or I would use it and state which one, at least in Secrets we know which one is the preferred Big Grin .

If this post is not in the right place, please move it or delete.  Thanks.

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That was in Innocent - the premier of Now.   Eve, Roarke, and Nadine were in the green room and Nadine was prepping her on how the questions would go.  Interesting that another character from Innocent showed up as a mention in Echoes as well.
To tell you the truth, I never struck Roarke as an underwear person unless he was going to work. My theory is: the housekeepers knew not to come in their bedroom unless both Eve and Roarke were gone and in turn it gave Roarke an excuse to sleep naked and Eve normally doesn't do that (because we know she likes to wear shirts to bed.) Now when he's going to work, that's another story there.
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Speaking of what he would wear under those spectacular suits, it was in Reunion In Death that Eve threatened to "generate a memo to the top staff" of his mid-town offices that he wore women's underwear under "those manly designer suits" because he interfered with her case. Her revenge wuld be complete when he had to strip down at a general meeting to prove it a lie. When you envision him standing there before his employees, do you see him in boxers or briefs? (Great legs and butt, regardless.)
"Hey...We're way over our heads here."  "Just the way I like it."  Eve & Roarke, Judgement In Death

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