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Captain of Homicide
Who is the Captain of the homicide division? I know Eve reports to Whitney
There is no Captain in Homicide (until Eve accepts the promotion, I guess).
Apparently all divisions are not managed the same way. Seems like Illegals doesn't necessarily have Captains either. And I'm not sure EDD has a Lieutenant.
When Feeney was sick as a dog, the next in line to run EDD was a Sgt. Some of the illegals departments were run by Captains (Judgement and Kindred) and some by Lieutenants (Treachery). I, for one, am certainly not ready for Eve to sit at a desk most of the time. On the oher hand, is she stunting the growth of the detectives and officers under her by refusing her own upgrade?
"Hey...We're way over our heads here."  "Just the way I like it."  Eve & Roarke, Judgement In Death

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