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3 months ago

JD Robb

We're sorry to hear reports of the HARDCOVER edition of Shadows in Death's delayed delivery from Amazon -- it's caught everyone on Team Nora by surprise. When St. Martin's Press investigated, Amazon reported serious constraints in their network due to the upcoming Prime Day and incoming holiday volume. SMP shipped Shadows to Amazon on a normal schedule, but Amazon's constraints have impacted fulfilling orders of Shadows in Death.
We know how disappointing this is after the wait since February and hope there's an update soon. ~Nora & Laura
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got mine this morning.

Got mine on Apple Books πŸ“š no issues.

I got mine this morning on Kindle

got mine on my kindle today in France.

this happened to me three years ago i ended cancelling my preorder drove to the nearest bookstore and bought it and came home.

Had mine late last night on Kindle (Phoenix, AZ)

I got it on schedule

I just ordered it last night. I don’t have a delivery date yet.

Also Amazon relies on USPS for last mile service and we all know what going on there.

Got mine yesterday.

I get other items next day, but a preorder from February is delayed ...

Got mine yesterday from Waterstone's, enjoying it very much

I wondered what was going on.....I got a message from Amazon stating I wouldn’t get my copy until 9/9! Grr....

I'm assuming this is printed copies? It's not prime day yet - they just don't want to admit they didn't plan correctly.

Add post office delays, this could be interesting

The store is 3 minutes from my house so i'll just go buy it there

Got mine last night on my kindle.

Got mine this morning

Amazon can't do anything right anymore. I have to keep canceling orders and going elsewhere.

This has been happening with new releases. This is the second time it’s happened to me recently

Got mine right on schedule!

I got mine this morning but I had preordered. That may be the difference.

I got it yesterday

I pre-ordered though

Got mine this morning (e-edition!)

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3 months ago

JD Robb

Shadows in Death is on sale TODAY! Don't miss the story Booklist calls an "adrenaline-fueled thriller that never loses its capacity to enthrall."

Order your copy here: bit.ly/shadowsindeath ~Team JD
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Shadows in Death is on sale TODAY! Dont miss the story Booklist calls an adrenaline-fueled thriller that never loses its capacity to enthrall.

Order your copy here: https://bit.ly/shadowsindeath ~Team JD

Comment on Facebook Shadows in Death is ...

Can't wait to start it... I just love this series

Just started reading this book!

Unspecified delay from Amazon☹️

Love This series. Read it twice waiting for this new book πŸ“š

got mine this morning

Mine is delayed from Amazon till Sunday. Not happy!

What’s the deal with amazon delaying shipping dates I’m not waiting I’m going to Barnes and nobles to get mine. I usually get mine on the day it’s released

Going to go get mine! Super excited!

Listening right now. Wonderful so far - thank you Nora!

Yes, just in time for the weekend 😁😁😁😁

Mine is delayed to the middle of the month, but paid for it in the beginning of August?????

Shadows in Death was delivered to my Kindle last night! Read it and LOVED it!

My unspecificed delay is between Sept 13 -Sept 25. Are you sure they printed more than 10?

Already have mine - can't wait to dive in this evening!

Yay! I just checked my audible library and it was there.

Men are made from dust; women from bone...

I ordered on Apple iBooks and it’s still not available to read. That’s the first time I’ve seen that.

I'll be stopping at B&N on my way home tonight!

Omg! Omg! Omg!! I didn’t even look at my kindle until I opened this post and it’s here!! The excitement is real!!

Amazon says I should get mine today. Out for delivery.

I started reading it at 3am and then remembered I had to work. Lol

Got mine!!!

Listening now

Already listening

Mine downloaded overnight! Have a couple library books to read so I’m holding off till chemo on Monday!

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3 months ago

JD Robb

That last bit of detente between Eve and Summerset ended quickly with traded insults. ~Laura

PS -- if you're looking for more Shadows teasers, I updated the blog -- only post the link once.
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That last bit of detente between Eve and Summerset ended quickly with traded insults.  ~Laura  

PS -- if youre looking for more Shadows teasers, I updated the blog -- only post the link once.

Comment on Facebook That last bit of ...

These two are civil when it really matters. If there's no insults, it means they care equally for Roarke

This book has me in tears of frustration and awe every time I read it. There is some quality "I've got your back" moments in here that I adore! This is one of them.

I love how Summerset and Eve snipe at each other but deep down they care deeply about each other. They would deny it but they do

Summerset cares for Eve and really supported her on this matter, when it counted. They respect one another and Summerset knows Roarke is a better man for having Eve in his life.

Good times and they agree.

For me, it’s when Summerset tells Eve exactly the truth that she needed to hear!!😍😍😍

The fact that Eve has kept his secret from Roarke shows she actually respects him. Most of the time she can keep it well hidden though

I’m reading this book right now for the first time πŸ™‚ I am loving this series!

They may snipe at each other but they do care for each other in their own way.

I love the way they snip at each other. Eve goes out of her way to aggravate Somerset. Deep down I know they care about each other in a good way.

They are fascinating together!

Sommerset and Eve remind me of how I got along with my own father. I knew he loved me when he would thoroughly be annoyed with me, just as Sommerset gets annoyed at Eve. I used to push my dad's buttons just like Eve does with Sommerset. Love is shown here between these two.

I just re-read thus due to the quotes on here. Loved it all over again!

United by a common cause!

The small kindnesses they share are some of my favorites scenes. And then they insult each other and I laugh out loud. What does that say about me, I wonder. Lol

Love her books I actually collect them

One of my favourites, I have all of the 'in death' books and re read often

“You’re going to want to get that out of my house.”

The one I am reading now..he says he's actually proud of her. She's like "weird ". πŸ˜† 🀣 πŸ˜‚ 😹 Love the Eve/Somerset dynamic. Really all of the characters are just mag!!!

I love the way they snipe at each other but basically they do care for each other.

When Summerset and Eve actually get along OUTWARDLY, I get cold, cuz I know it just got really hairy.

They are the best. It`s like Eve: you have started to be a father figure but I will not say it out loud. Summerset: you are not my favorite girl of three (Mavis and Peabody) but are mine nonetheless. That`s my vibe.

I Tried The Library and Barnes & Noble And I Still Did'nt Find It? Anyways I'm Anxious For Shadows In Death Next Week Right?

What time exactly are digital books released? I had planned to set my alarm. πŸ™‚

I absolutely love the banter between eve and Somerset and the way Roarke just kind of accepts it

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